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An Exclusive Interview with Roaa Andijani, Founder of ArchitectRoaa


The Jeddah-based Architect and Design firm ArchitectRoaa was founded in 2017 by Roaa Andijani and has developed an impressive reputation for top interior design across various residential and commercial projects in Saudi Arabia. The company has been chosen as a winner of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Penthouse Interior Design 2022 for their work on the Golden Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We took this opportunity to speak to Founder Roaa Andijani about her philosophy behind the company, the way they work closely with their clients, the challenges the project offered, and their plans for the future.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: You founded ArchitectRoaa in 2017. Can you explain the company’s philosophy and approach to the projects you undertake to ensure the best possible results?

Roaa Andijani: Our philosophy is to bring the best unique luxury, elegant, and simple interior design to the spaces with work with. Our goal is also to ensure our design touches meet the client’s every need. So far, we are so happy with the results we have accomplished with our projects and clients, and we are planning to expand our name and take on more projects globally. 

LLA: How has the company grown since its inception?

RA: Our goal is to become an internationally renowned interior design company. We put in a lot of hard work and sacrifice, and our passion for what we are designing has also helped us establish and build our impressive reputation in the industry.

LLA: Has this growth matched your expectations and projections?

RA: Yes, it certainly has. We have our clear plan, and we consistently move towards fulfilling it.

LLA: ArchitectRoaa offers a wide range of complementary services that make up the complete package for your customers. Can you explain how the different teams work together to ensure a seamless process?

RA:  We focus clearly on reducing stress in our team when they work, as there can be a lot of it in the interiors and architecture fields. We make sure projects are run efficiently through careful time management and organization.

LLA: Good customer service is always of paramount importance. How do you ensure that your clients always receive service of the highest caliber?

RA:  We always say, “The clients are always right, but we don’t forget our rights.” We ensure we give our clients extra care and complete every aspect of their project to the highest possible standards.

LLA: This year, you have been awarded Best Luxury Penthouse Design for Golden Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Can you tell us what it means to have an exceptional design recognized in this fashion?

RA: It is a wonderful feeling. To be recognized globally and internationally is something I strive for and care deeply about.

LLA: Can you tell us a bit about the Golden Tower?

We had to complete the luxurious design project in a challenging time frame because it had to be finished in time for the Formula 1 race taking place in Jeddah.

LLA: The project was carried out under unusual circumstances. What were the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them when completing the project?

RA: The project was remarkably challenging due to the short time frame the client wished it to be completed. The Grand Prix was being held in Saudi Arabia for the first time, and the owner wanted to enjoy the race from the incredible viewpoint on his balcony overlooking the race’s circuit and the beautiful beach. Bearing this in mind, the design concept was kept simple and elegant, making the spectacular view the apartment’s focal point.  

We also faced many challenges because we had to deal with the client’s sponsor, not the client himself. Time management was also tricky because we had a lot of orders coming out from different countries, most of which were really luxury brands and expensive. We faced much stress throughout the process but managed to achieve our goals. So after we completed the project, we felt very confident with the result and pleased with our great job.

LLA: How did you manage to create a space that specifically fulfilled all the client’s needs and wishes?

RA: We listened closely to our clients to establish their needs in detail. We then did our own in-depth research to find the best way to fulfill these needs. The home was created using carefully chosen luxurious materials, including wood, marble, steel and gold chain for a stylish natural look. Each area was created to fulfil a specific purpose, and all furniture was carefully selected from a range of top-end brands. Contemporary tailor-made design that perfectly matches the owner’s taste and expectations.  

LLA: The company has completed a range of residential and commercial projects over the years. Are there any examples of work you have undertaken that you are particularly proud of because of the challenges it presented and the way you overcame them?

RA: We usually like a challenging job because it gives us more experience and helps us create our unique and successful story through the project. We like to make our mark on every project and will not hesitate to say no to a project if we don’t think it suits us. We pride ourselves on always putting more into our work than we take out.

LLA: What projects are you currently working on, and when can we expect to see them completed?

RA: We have recently been working on so many projects, some of them residential and some of them commercial. We plan to finish as many of them as possible by the end of the year so that we can start the new year with other new projects.

LLA: What design and architectural trends are you currently seeing in the industry?

RA: There are so many changing trends in the design and architecture industry. We usually tell our clients that they should choose what they feel comfortable with because they will have to live in a place for a long time. So we focus on helping them choose wisely when it comes to color schemes, pieces of furniture, and finishing touches to ensure everything will work for them.

LLA: What are the company’s plans for the future? Can we expect any expansion internationally?

RA: Yes, this is our goal. We want our company’s name and reputation to spread worldwide until we are well known globally.

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