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Anand Mahindra offers scholarship to ‘miracle’ artist; netizens call it ‘fraud’


Anand Mahindra has offered a scholarship to a ‘miracle’ artist who paints 15 portraits at the same time. While sharing a video where Noorjahan is painting 15 Indian freedom fighters simultaneously, the billionaire businessman wondered how it was possible.

“How is this even possible?? Clearly she’s a talented artist. But to paint 15 portraits at once is more than art—it’s a miracle! Anyone located near her who can confirm this feat? If valid, she must be encouraged & I’d be pleased to provide a scholarship & other forms of support (sic),” Mahindra wrote.

Only if the neocortex of that person’s brain is aligned with mathematics and physics to such precision as a complex robotic apparatus can drawing with isometric cubes and in constrained spaces, each with a separate set of colours and graphic elements, become a reality. In light of the paintings, noted a YouTube user.

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While there have been numerous claims that Noorjahan has secured her name in the Guinness Book of World Records, there seems to be no official confirmation on that. “I have cross-checked this name in Guiness World Record but not found such name,” wrote one YouTube user.

There are people who question the authenticity of the video showing the artist drawing 15 paintings at the same time. “What’s even more surprising is seeing the number of people who believe this is true,” wrote one user. “Wow what a editing (sic),” wrote another.

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Interestingly, the video was not uploaded in Noorjahan’s official YouTube channel either. One user wrote, ‘Lots of people feel this is not possible. If even small portion of this video is shown in normal speed so that we can see it in detail (sic).”

“it’s not a talent. Its a fraud. What is physically not possible can not be achieved by anybody. At best pics are already there and covered and she is uncovering them all together,” wrote one user.

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