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For the Utility Lover…Deejo Pocket Knives


Deejo creates knives unique to each buyer. Those that are curious by nature can be treated to a personalized and engraved pocketknife. Create your own Deejo first by choosing the finish, handle and weight and then personalize the tattoo on the blade and as well as engraving on the handle. The lightweight, efficient and strong knife is easy to carry and becomes a personal object to wear like a second skin. Crafted with the utmost care and with respect to both the craftsmen and the environment, their products are sold all over the world. Tattooing a knife, just like tattooing on skin, personalizes a Deejo even more, adding a whole new dimension: identity. Diverse patterns and images inspired from the tattoo world adorn the Deejo blade, allowing you to create a treasured object, an individual piece that is uniquely you.

Featured: DEEJO 37G, Coral Wood/Polynesian


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