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How to convert image JPG to PES – Everything You Should Know!

Wondering how to convert the JPG to PES?  Well, the following blog is going to provide you with all the information that you need for a better understanding. Most people will be aware of the JPG or JPEG format but they will have no knowledge about the PES. JPG is one of the raster images that have pixels and they can’t be widely used due to the problem with scalability.

For your information, PES is one of the embroidery digitizing formats that have to be used by the embroidery digitizing machine for the working. You don’t have to worry about it as we are going to tell you a bit more detail about the JPG to PES and also about the PES format:

PES Format

It is one of the popular native embroidery formats and this is compatible with the embroidery machine. If you haven’t heard about them, then you can consider them as a design file that has the stitching instruction for the machine. More importantly, the instruction will be very much important for stitching a particular design of embroidery.

PES File format is native to Brother PE embroidery machines that is used for home usage along with the semi or commercial multi-needle PR machines. Most specifically, it is used by home embroiderers. As said that it is design but that is not the case actually as this term was only given for the sake of understanding.

JPG to PES – The Conversion

The conversion process is not easy and it is not the conversion in literal meaning. If you are assuming that it is a magical process, then that is not the case here. There is a lot going on in the process and most importantly the entire process has to be done by a professional. The process is called embroidery digitizing.

An Embroidery digitizer is a person who will be developing a digitized format that will be native to the embroidery machines. The next important thing to be used is the software that is also part of the process but it is not fully automatic. In short, the software acts as a helper for the digitizer in the process. For creating the digitized file, the software will need manual input.

Conversion Process

For converting JPG to PES, you can consider the following two options:

Online Converter Tools

One of the things that you can use for the conversion is the online converter tools. You can find them online but you have to be very careful as most of the websites are phishing links. They just show you ads or just take the information from you and in return you get nothing. In some cases, you will be redirected to other websites which will be just wasting your time.

The above option is not reliable, the only option that you can rely on for better results is the digital embroidery software as we are discussing it below:

Digital Embroidery Software

There are different software which is used depending on the need. Some of the popular names are Embird, Wilcom, and many more. This software has multiple features and tools that will assist the digitizers to convert the files and you can get the best result. But remember that, software processes are not cheap. It is more like an investment. Later, you also need to have a computer that is essential for running the software.

Learning Curve of Digitizing Software

If you are planning to do the conversion from JPG to PES often, using the digitizing software will not be easy for you, and buying it will not be suitable. But if you are planning to create files in bulk and want to pursue it as a career, then you can definitely consider buying it as a good investment as well.

The person who intends to use the software has to work hard and practice well to learn everything about the software. There are different tools and features which you will have to learn before you can start using them. The person has to spend hours in daily practice and the learning continues for months or years depending on the personal capability of the person.

Get Professional Service!

If you find converting the JPG to PES difficult or any other files, you can consider getting professional service from a skilled company. Professional companies have a team of skilled individuals who have years of experience and they will offer the best quality files. More importantly, as compared to the price of computers and software you will have to invest, they are very high as compared to the price of service you are going to pay.

The companies are offering two pricing models; one is the flat rate and the other is the rate per stitch. The pricing varies from company to company. You can do research about the best companies in your area, look at their service and compare the prices to select one for the services. For more information please visit


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