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Looking to Sell Your Lewisville Home Quickly and Privately?

You’ve already made the tough decision to Sell My House Lewisville home; now it’s time to make it even easier on yourself. To get the most money and get out of your house as quickly and privately as possible, you should hire a good real estate agent with experience selling homes in Lewisville, Texas. Contact us today!

The options you have

There are several options available when it comes to Sell My House Lewisville, but only a few of them actually allow you to sell privately. To save yourself time, money and stress, consider using one of these strategies: Lease-Option: This type of agreement offers potential buyers an option on buying your home by renting from you for a short period of time first. It’s called a lease-option because instead of purchasing outright, you enter into an agreement with someone in which they purchase with an option for a lease that is usually much less than market value (because they want some leverage). You can then rent out or lease their property back until they buy or decide not to buy. The rent will be used as down payment if they do decide to buy. For example, if you were looking at $1,000 per month rent for a two-year term and your buyer wanted $200 per month towards their down payment; that would leave them $800 towards their down payment after two years ($1,000 minus $200 equals $800). If you were looking at a 10% down payment requirement ($10K), then after two years they would have paid off 8% of your home’s value ($800 divided by $100K equals 0.08) and would have 10% equity in your home.

Get Pre-Approved

Even if you’re not in a hurry to sell, it pays to get pre-approved. Pre-approval is different than pre-qualification; you don’t have to show proof of income or assets when you go through pre-qualification, but when you go through pre-approval, lenders will ask for documentation such as pay stubs and statements. Once approved, your home will be listed at a higher price point because buyers won’t have any questions about whether or not they can afford it. You’ll also feel more confident about how much money you could receive from Sell My House Lewisville, which makes it easier to make decisions about what kind of upgrades (if any) are worth making before listing. If you want to know how fast homes sell in Lewisville TX, getting pre-approved first is a good idea. The Fast House Selling Team: The Fast House Selling Team works with local homeowners who want to know how fast houses sell in Lewisville TX and who are ready to take action toward that goal. Our team has helped many people learn how fast houses sell in Lewisville TX and we’ve had great success helping our clients achieve their goals! We work with people throughout DFW metroplex area including Dallas County Texas, Collin County Texas, Rockwall County Texas, Kaufman County Texas, Denton County Texas and Tarrant County Texas! Contact us today so we can help you learn more about learning how fast houses sell in Lewisville TX!

List With a Realtor

In today’s competitive real estate market, speed matters. The longer it takes for Sell My House Lewisville, the less you can expect to receive in return. That’s why listing your home with a professional Realtor is an easy way to increase your chances of selling at a price that’s higher than other homes on the market in your neighborhood. A Realtor will help stage your home and show it as often as possible. They also provide advice about pricing—many sellers mistakenly believe their home is worth more than buyers are willing or able to pay—and they have access to strategies that increase exposure, like placing photos of your property on multiple sites at once. When a buyer is ready to make an offer, your Realtor can negotiate on your behalf. If you’re looking to sell quickly and privately, hiring a professional makes sense. Title: Looking to Sell Your Lewisville Home Quickly and Privately?

List as For Sale By Owner

Selling a home on your own terms can be highly rewarding, but can also be challenging and time-consuming. While FSBOs (for sale by owner) often save money on commissions, they’re forced to deal with potential buyers directly—and in person—from showings all day long. For those who don’t want strangers wandering through their house at their convenience, but still want control over a speedy sale without haggling or open houses, there is another option: putting your home for sale privately. A privately listed property will appear on MLS, but only licensed real estate agents have access to it. This allows sellers to get top dollar while avoiding some of the hassles associated with listing publicly. It also gives them more power when negotiating offers from prospective buyers. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and privately, here are some things you should know about going that route. Developing an asking price: The first step in selling your home privately is coming up with an asking price that reflects its value and marketability—and then sticking to it! Realtors will tell you that pricing too high will scare away potential buyers, as well as make you look like a desperate seller.

List with Zillow

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of selling your home privately (i.e., without a realtor), but worry you won’t get top dollar for it. If that sounds familiar, we might have good news for you: There are sites out there that can help you do just that. Case in point: Zillow, which charges $149 to list your home on its site for 30 days with no upfront cost or commitment from you. It also offers great tools like Street View images and price estimates that give potential buyers a clear picture of what your place is worth before they even come knocking on your door. And if you do end up signing with a buyer who found your listing through Zillow, you could make an extra $3,000 off of them—the fee is split between you and them. But if you’re looking to sell fast—and don’t mind paying a little more money—listing directly through Zillow will cost you $699. You’ll also be charged an additional 6 percent when someone buys your home through Zillow. So why would anyone pay so much more for something that’s essentially similar?

Consider Short Sales

Short sales allow homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage (i.e., they owe more than their home is worth) to sell their property quickly, at market value, while avoiding a foreclosure. The lender must agree to accept less than what is owed in order for you to receive bank approval; if not, your only other option might be a lengthy foreclosure process. If that’s not an option—if you’re looking for a quick sale with no complications—consider marketing your property as a short sale. You can list it like any other property, but consider hiring a Realtor or buyer’s agent familiar with negotiating short sales. After all, real estate professionals have insider information on what properties will net lenders as little as possible! However, note that when selling your home through a short sale there are often tax consequences associated with selling underwater – meaning selling your house for less than you paid for it. These tax implications should always be discussed with your accountant or tax advisor before making such decisions.

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If you’re worried about putting your home on the market before you find another one, then renting it out long-term might be a good option. It can take several months to sell a home, so giving yourself more time by listing it as a rental will let you stay in your home until its sold. During that time, you can pay off any debt that has accumulated while you were paying off your mortgage. In addition, when potential buyers want to see your property they will get to see how well it’s maintained—not just decorated. Many homeowners who are looking for long-term tenants try for sale by owner listings; make sure yours is one of them. You may also consider offering an incentive to renters such as a free month’s rent or reduced security deposit if they agree to act quickly. This tactic can help speed up your home sale process if you have multiple offers on your property. Title: How to Rent Out Your House Fast and Privately in Lewisville, TX

Rent it out long term

One of the most popular ways to sell a home quickly is by renting it out long term. While it may not be an ideal situation for current tenants, buying a home with cash gives you complete control over when and how you rent your property out. This can lead to less maintenance costs on your end, giving you more equity in your home if/when you decide to sell it at some point down the line. If you do decide that selling is for you, finding a buyer who will pay off your mortgage or accept part payment as rent could result in immediate closing on a property that doesn’t have any hassle waiting periods or inspections. Lewisville Fast House Sell Company How much money will I make by selling my house privately? Asking price – Selling price = Earnings from sale = Money made per month: For example: $200,000 asking price – $195,000 selling price = $5,000 earnings from sale = $250 per month potential profit after expenses (e.g., real estate agent commission). Note that Sell My House Lewisville underestimate their expenses—this number should include all associated fees (closing costs, title search fee) and taxes. Also note that it takes time to find a private buyer so don’t count on quick money! You might get lucky and find someone right away but chances are good you’ll need to wait 6 months or longer.


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