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The Game-Changing Skincare Routine Device



CURRENTBODY Skin LED Light Therapy Mask is a Light Emitting Diode (LED) device that uses energy to help diminish the signs of skin ageing by providing a form of low-level laser therapy. The device integrates natural light energy in the Red (630nm) and Infrared (830nm) spectrums that can help to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. The deeply penetrating light emitted at these very specific wavelengths offers a host of health benefits for the skin. Chief amongst these is the promotion of healing in the body through a process called photobiomodulation, which is how the human body uses light to initiate a photochemical change (like photosynthesis in plants). This stimulates the mitochondria (the cells’ energy producers) to work more efficiently, thereby boosting cellular regeneration.

Youthful skin is rich in collagen, which plumps up the skin and supports it, like scaffolding. As we age, collagen production declines, and with sun exposure, healthy collagen becomes damaged, resulting in wrinkles, predominantly around the eyes and mouth. The light from the CURRENTBODY Skin LED Light Therapy Mask is specially designed to penetrate deep within the layers of the dermis and the hypodermis to stimulate fibroblast activity, and facilitates the production of new proteins for collagen and elastin, which are essential ingredients for the maintenance of firm, smooth, and supple skin. In addition to boosting collagen and elastin production, near-infrared can promote skin rejuvenation as it can improve tone and elasticity, reducing wrinkles and softening the appearance of coarse skin. The light also increases blood circulation and cellular oxygenation, which has also been shown to relieve skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It can also help to tackle the root cause of acne: the deep penetrating heat helps clear out sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities that can cause blemishes and blackheads, as well as preventing breakouts by killing the acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, near infrared light reduces skin and tissue inflammation to speed up the healing of lesions, wounds, and scarring. Infrared light therapy offers the regenerative benefits of sunlight without the damaging effects of UV rays). It’s a great option for advanced cellular skin repair and improving circulation and skin tone, without painful, invasive, or expensive treatments.

In clinical studies, the CURRENTBODY Skin LED Light Therapy Mask resulted in a reduction of wrinkles by 35 percent in just four weeks of consistent use. I can certainly vouch for the mask’s efficacy: in under a month of using the mask, as recommended, for ten minutes a day, I have noticed my skin assume a smoother, brighter, more even tone, and less wrinkled in appearance, having changed no other element in my skincare routine (Eve Lom Cleanser, Alpha-H Liquid Gold, and Sunday Riley Luna). I have also noticed a pleasing reduction in breakouts during the week before my period (normally I erupt in pimples around my jawline at this time of the month).

In practical terms, I have found the mask intuitively easy to operate, and I especially like the fact that the mask comes with a remote control, attached to the mask, which means that you can walk around and do things at the same time as wearing it. Another nifty feature is that it turns itself off after precisely ten minutes (the recommended daily usage), which is useful if you don’t have a stopwatch to hand. The silicone composition of the mask makes it extremely easy to clean, and to mould it to the contours of your face, as well as pack it for travelling, which is a feature many other LED masks on the market lack. It does, admittedly make me look a bit like a dalek, which my husband and kids find hilarious, but I’m too delighted by the results to mind the mild familial derision.

In terms of cost, this device is one of the most competitive on the market. £279 may seem expensive, but in comparison to a course of pricey salon visits, or comparable products (for instance, The Light Salon Boost LED Therapy Mask, which is £395), it is one of the most affordable.

I’ve been wildly impressed by my CURRENTBODY LED Light Therapy Mask. My complexion has dramatically improved, my hyperpigmentation has been reduced substantially, and my skin has felt less reactive. I’ve been urging all my girlfriends to put it on their Christmas lists. There aren’t many presents that deliver radiant, healthy skin in such an efficacious way, and I consider it to be a staple of my beauty routine.

CURRENTBODY LED Light Therapy Mask, £279/$318

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