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8 Best Tips for Picking the Perfect Area Rugs for Dining Room

What criteria do you use to choose the ideal area rug for your dining room? Everyone intends to seek both fashion and utility, particularly in areas where people will be eating. Fluffy carpets can hold onto every scrap of food that falls on them. Your chairs may catch as you move them in and out of a too-tiny carpet. 

In addition to adding color and texture, the ideal area rug should add just the right amount of panache and warmth while still being useful. For help selecting the ideal area rug for your dining room, refer to the eight suggestions we’ve gathered for ease.

1. Upscale Your Decor

If starting from scratch, get an area rug for your dining room as your first purchase and start decorating from there. The rug can be a starting point for you or your designer to decide on the room’s color scheme, furnishings, and accents. 

Use the area rug’s brighter colors to highlight your room after choosing the lightest shade of the background color for your walls. You may also use your favorite fabric for the dining chairs, wall art, lamp and shade colors, and other accents all over the space.

2. Choose a Rug with a Flat Weave

Be practical because there will inevitably be spills wherever there is food. Using a shag rug or other high-pile, the fluffy rug may look wonderful, but maintaining one may be challenging. Pick a rug with a flat weave or a short, low pile. Food won’t become stuck in these carpets, will be easier to see, and will be easier to clean and maintain.

If you want large area rugs at reasonable prices contact the Rug Gallery today and see how their rugs can amaze you.

3. Use Materials that are Easy to Maintain

Wool and other natural fibers last the longest and are the easiest to maintain. The most challenging mixtures are synthetic ones. The only exception is if you use a rug designed to withstand rubbing and washing and is indoor-outdoor and stain-resistant.

4. Natural Fibers are not all the Same

Sisal, jute, and seagrass are natural fibers that frequently come in at a fair price and have beautiful looks and textures. Still, they can be tougher to work with, particularly under a dining room table. 

The texture is the key. The easier it is to clean, the smoother and finer it is. Getting rid of any food spilled or ground will be more difficult if the natural fiber rug is looser and nubbly. If your eaters aren’t attentive and neat, think about a more resilient, maintenance-friendly fiber rather than jute, sisal, or seagrass.

5. Being Larger is Preferable to Being Smaller

To allow room for pulling out chairs without tripping over the rug’s edge, a dining room area rug should have at least 24 inches of extra space around the dining table. Having a border longer than 24 inches is desirable if your room has the space.

Start by measuring your dining table, and then add 24″ or more on all sides to determine the appropriate side. When in doubt, lay out the area using painter’s tape, seat down at the table, and then push your chair out to stand up. 

You can tell you have a good size if your chair is still on the rug. You should scale up your rug if the marked space is well inside any other furniture, such as a sideboard or buffet.

6. Frame Your Space         

You want your area rug to be separate from the entire room because you want to designate your eating area. Picture it! Have a minimum of 6″ to 18″ floor exposed around the dining room. Additionally, it will support and complement other decor pieces like a buffet or bar cart.

7. The shape of a Room, a Table, and a Rug

The conventional rule is to use a square or round rug in a square dining area. Choose a rectangular rug to go with your rectangular dining room. You are using a rectangle rug underneath a table that is rectangular or oval works extremely well. Square carpets go perfectly with a square dining table. 

However, a round rug gives the space a lovely atmosphere if you want something a little more dramatic. Whatever you do, bringing symmetry to your area will make it feel peaceful.

8. The Rug Pad

Once the area rug is spread out, the rug pad is one of those things you won’t see but will feel every time you step on it or need to clean it. It will be safer if there is a rug pad to tie the rug to the floor and prevent it from shifting or folding. With a rug pad, a denser rug will feel plusher and be simpler to clean.


It can be difficult to choose the ideal rug for dining rooms that will complete the design and improve the experience. Fortunately, the tips provided above will assist you in making the right decisions.


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