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Total lunar eclipse 2022: Here is the last chance to see red moon this year. 10 points


Last time the lunar eclipse was visible from India in 19 November, 2021. At that time, that was a partial lunar eclipse. If people miss their chance to witness the lunar eclipse they have to wait till 28 October, 2023 to see a partial lunar eclipse

Here are the 10 points about the last total lunar eclipse of 2022

– How is total lunar eclipse different from partial lunar eclipse: Earth obstructs the direct light coming from Sun to Moon, and comes in between the Sun and the Moon, people on earth witness a total lunar eclipse. On the other hand, a partial lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes in between the full moon and the sun.

As the solar system was made without precise measurements, the imperfect alignment between the sun and the moon gives a part of the lunar eclipse visible into the sky. This happens because, only a part of the moon’s surface moves into the Earth’s shadow, called the umbra. During the full moon, the rest of the moon is covered by the outer part of the Earth’s shadow called the penumbra.

– Last in 2022: This will be the last total lunar eclipse of 2022. Moreover, people won’t be able to enjoy such a total lunar eclipse for the next three years. This would be their last chance to witness how a moon turns red by falling into the deep umbral shadow of the Earth with the help of light first filtered by Earth’s atmosphere.

-Red moon with Uranus: A sight of a red copper moon gets more delight as people would be able to enjoy Uranus during the lunar eclipse for a while. The seventh planet of the solar system will be visible only in parts of Asia, including Hong Kong.

-For how long the lunar eclipse will be visible: The duration of the lunar eclipse will depend on the location of the sky gazers. People would be able to see the lunar eclipse for 85 minutes in North America and parts of South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. People living in Iceland, parts of South America, south and central Asia and Russia would be able to enjoy the red lunar eclipse on the same night.

-Lunar eclipse in India: In India, people would be able to witness the lunar eclipse on Tuesday evening only. The phenomenal astronomical event will be visible at 3:46 pm on Tuesday. It will last till 4:29 pm. Along with this, the moon will begin to hide behind the Earth partially from 2:39 pm and will be partially obscured by the Earth till 5:11 pm

The geographical diversity of India, will not allow everyone to witness the red copper moon in the country. This is because the event will begin mainly when the moon is below the horizon everywhere in the country. However, India’s eastern parts including Kolkata, Kohima, Agartala and Guwahati are exceptions and would be able to enjoy the lunar eclipse.

-Lunar eclipse timings for Indian cities: Lunar eclipse timing will be different for different cities. Srinagar will see the eclipsed moon rise above the horizon at 5:31 pm. Around 60% part of the moon will appear to be obscured by the earth in Srinagar.

If pollution spares them, Delhites would be able to see the lunar eclipse at 5:57 pm. In Nagpur, the lunar eclipse will be visible at around 5:32 pm.

-Watching the lunar eclipse with naked eyes: Unlike the solar eclipse, there is no requirement of any equipment to enjoy the lunar eclipse. As moon reflects the light of the sun, there is no chance that the light can cause damage to human eyes.

-Tips to see the moon eclipse: People can enhance their experience of witnessing the total lunar eclipse by taking care of some things. The partial lunar eclipse will last for long. It is suggested to stay outdoors in dark to witness the changing phenomena more closely. Staying out for a long will help the eyes to adapt the darkness and focus more on the phenomena.

-Where to watch lunar eclipse online: As this time’s lunar eclipse is accompanied by the guest appearance of Uranus, people across the world would be willing to see Uranus’ sight during the eclipse. In this case, watching the lunar eclipse online is a great way to enjoy the astronomical event to the fullest. Certain youtube channels will live stream the event.

People can enjoy the lunar eclipse online by joining the live-streaming session of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. The live-streaming session will begin at 2:00 a.m. MST on November 8.

Another option is to visit the Lowell Historian Kevin Schindler and Moon expert John Compton will host. Along with this, Time and Date.com will also broadcast the telescopic view of the lunar eclipse on their website and YouTube channel.

-Why is the lunar eclipse called a blood moon: The lunar eclipse is also nicknamed ‘the blood moon’. This is mainly because of the colour acquired by the moon during the eclipse. The whole observation of the phenomena will show how the moon remains grayish while entering into Earth’s penumbra, according to space.com. As soon as the moon reaches the deep central shadow area of the Earth, the only light it gets is the one that is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere. It is because of the filtered light the moon turns red. Red, yellow, and orange have the longest wavelengths. Due to this, they can travel for a long by sustaining the scattering effect while passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. On the other hand, blue light, which has a short wavelength, is cancelled out due to scattering and is unable to travel for long.


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