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5 Golden Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords

Keywords are very important for applying correct SEO on websites. Whenever it is used in the correct way, it leads to your site appearing in the first search results of search engines, and this is the culmination of marketing efforts. These are the words or phrases that website owners, administrators, or content creators target on web pages, with the aim of topping the search results for these words. Therefore, follow the lines of this article to learn more about how to extract the keyword, and choose one of them that is most suitable for the topic of your article.

What are the keywords?

Keywords are important for any article, as they are the link between the online searcher and the articles or any content you provide, including promotional and marketing activities. It is a single word or group of words that defines and explains the purpose of your content. Also called tags, or keywords, they are all terms that refer to one thing.

The importance of keywords in SEO:

The importance of choosing the right keywords is not limited to creating content, but also extends to all promotional and marketing activities. Including content marketing and email marketing. You can also read about the importance of SEO on the website. It also helps in improving pay per click advertising, and understanding competitors. Monitoring the keywords that your competitors are targeting can help you build your content strategy.

How to choose the keyword:

First: Create a list of important topics related to the content of your site or project. Think about topics related to your content. You can come up with 5 to 10 topics that you consider important.

Second: Write the words related to these topics. You must put yourself in the place of the researcher, and discover the closest words and meanings that he will write in the search box.

Third: Write initial ideas. For example, if you specialize in electronic marketing, this means that the keywords that can be used are similar to these:

E-marketing, e-marketing tools , the best e-marketing tools, what is the meaning of e-marketing, e-mail marketing , and other words that people interested in the topic of your site, which is e-marketing in this case, are likely to search for.

Other ways to get keywords

This step is extremely important for your site to reach the first search results. There are many ways to obtain successful keywords, the most important of which are:

Brainstorming sessions

This is the traditional method, which depends on each person’s personal skills. But those who have a good culture and knowledge of the topic to be covered can come up with great ideas. Creative ideas are often obtained from simple people who do not have any experience on the subject as there are no restrictions on their ideas.

Study competitors

Studying the top five leading blogs in the professional SEO agency field offers invaluable insights into competitor strategies and keyword usage. By monitoring their content closely, including blogs, case studies, and service descriptions, you can glean diverse ideas and understand what resonates with their audience. Utilizing tools like Google’s auto-complete feature further enhances your strategy by revealing the most relevant and commonly searched keywords related to professional SEO agency. This approach ensures that your content strategy is informed by current trends and effectively targets the keywords that potential clients are actively searching for.

Helping tools:

Tools that help you get ready-made keywords for your site and improve search engines:

– Google search engine:

It is the most famous of all, not only for Google but in the technical world as a whole, and it is stronger than other search engines.

The best way to find out the search intensity for a particular keyword is to use  Google’s free Keyword Planner tool. This tool will give you an idea of ​​the number of times a specific word, and similar words, have been searched for during a specific period of time. It also helps you know a lot of information about it that you want to use. It provides you with information from many sources, and once you put a specific word in the search box in this tool, the monthly search volume for this word and all similar words will appear to you.

Tips about keywords you should know.

1- Do not overuse it

Trying to repeat the word on your page without adding meaning to the user will harm your site’s optimization for search engines. You have to use it in the right place.

2- Use other vocabulary for semantic words

It is important to use words that have the same meaning on your page, and it is important to use related terms as well. This will help the search engine understand the content better.

3- Do not target one word in two different places

When a keyword is used in more than one place, this means that the content of your site is competing with itself in search engines. You should use each word once on your site.

4- Do not target more than one semantic word on one page

On each page, target one semantic word.

5- Do not try to deceive the user or search engines

Do not try to deceive search engines or users, such as using a specific keyword in important places, when the page does not originally talk about this keyword. This will hurt your site a lot.

Types of keywords:

Short tail keywords:

They consist of 3 words or less and are highly popular in search engines.

Examples of these words: apartments, diet, courses.

Medium-tail keywords: This type has larger and more specialized words. The competition is moderately difficult.

Examples of these words: apartments for sale, diet for pregnant women, English language courses.

Long tail keywords:

They consist of at least four words, are more specialized and usually explain the purpose accurately, but they have low demand in search engines. That is, the competition for them is at a low level.

Example of these words: apartments for sale in Istanbul in 2022, a diet system for pregnant women without exercise, free English language courses for beginners.

The main factor here is specificity. The longer the sentence is, the more specific it is, and the fewer search results for it in search engines will be, which means that the chance of competition and conversion of visits will be better.



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