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9 major reasons why industries turning to virtual trade shows to promote their products?


Virtual trade show platform & trade exhibitions are an essential component of the corporate world. They are, indeed, ubiquitous. But why is this so? The most important purpose would be to establish or improve professional ties! People no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for airline tickets and hotel reservations. They had to dress up and go to the site early in the morning to get a seat at a crowded trade show.

Now that everyone prefers digitalisation, whether a firm or an individual, the virtual environment provides nothing except in-person events. A virtual trade expo helps participants and organisers by providing excellent networking and sponsorship possibilities – comparable to the actual setting but far safer, easier, and less intimidating.

What is the difference between virtual trade shows and virtual event exhibitions?

Virtual trade shows and virtual event exhibits are web-based events on a virtual trade show platform. It entails assembling individuals online rather than in person at a real location. 

Exhibitors may use virtual expo platforms to create customised 3D virtual enterprise trade show booths and easily reach a huge audience segment. Exhibitors may use virtual trade exhibitions to present their unique product offers to a big target group. It aids in broadening the reach and increasing brand exposure. 

The platform’s live chat capability allows guests to engage in live audio/video/text talks at virtual trade fair booths. It allows guests to connect in real-time with virtual booth personnel and get answers to their questions.

Why are industries turning to virtual trade shows to promote their products? 

Virtual event exhibits and trade fairs provide several benefits that can help your event succeed while remaining within your budget. Let’s look at the top five advantages of virtual trade exhibits.

1. Increased brand presence and exposure.

Unlike typical trade fairs, virtual event displays extend for several days and have a longer lifetime. Live physical trade exhibitions endure for just a day or two. However, virtual trade fairs may continue indefinitely. What does it imply? Said implies that the brand is exposed to attendees for longer. When it comes to live physical trade exhibitions, it is over once the event is finished. However, virtual trade fairs allow participants to access the same on-demand, enhancing brand awareness and exposure.

2. Increased global reach, attendance, and quality leads.

With virtual trade exhibitions, one can easily reach out to worldwide attendees. Exhibitors may present their unique product offers internationally via virtual trade exhibitions held on a virtual enterprise trade show platform. Attendees at virtual trade exhibitions may access the event from the comfort of their own homes using any device. Attendees do not need to arrange travel tickets to visit a trade show with virtual event exhibits. However, it increases attendance and provides more quality leads.

3. Save a lot of money on assets for both parties involved.

A virtual event display allows organisers and participants to save significant money. Virtual trade exhibitions eliminate the expenditures associated with renting a space, employing employees, providing food and beverages, organising booth sets, hotels, etc. Attendees who live a long distance away do not need to plan costly travel tickets and lodging to attend an event. However, it leads to significant asset savings for both parties involved. 

4. Real-time interactions are possible with virtual event exhibitions.

Attendees at live physical trade exhibitions may engage one-on-one or in groups. Introverts, on the other hand, are left behind in the crowd. They are unable to communicate at the exhibitor booth. Have you considered that they may be one of the qualifying leads? Virtual trade exhibitions allow all guests to communicate freely with virtual booth personnel in real-time. 

The virtual trade show software enables live chat capability that allows users to connect with hosts, organisers, virtual booth representatives, and other participants. 

5. Useful data monitoring that live physical trade exhibitions do not provide.

A standard attendance record is received during registration for live physical trade exhibitions. This is the only way to track how many people attended the event. However, with virtual trade exhibitions, every digital participant’s footprint is recorded from the beginning to the event’s conclusion. 

A complete virtual trade show platform tracks attendees’ movement from registration to the event’s conclusion. 

6. Market to the customers of the twenty-first century.

Above all, virtual trade displays will assist you in reaching out to the digital age. Over time, more corporate decision-makers will be as comfortable with the virtual world as they are with words on a page.

Members of the digital generation are already assuming major roles in government and industry. President Obama’s transition team was co-chaired by a Wharton professor known for his scholarship and expertise in World of Warcraft, a virtual raiding game. 

7. Follow that Lead!

Trade exhibitions provide promising leads. Unfortunately, 80% of those leads are never followed up, discouraging even the most ardent marketer. Disconnects between marketing and sales divisions, the difficulty of reading hand-scribbled names and addresses, and the tediousness of inputting contact information into databases are all factors.

8. Green future.

Virtual trade displays are “greener.” Many firms now prioritise environmental sustainability. Virtual exhibitions will become increasingly more appealing as gasoline tax incentives rise.

9. Open a new market stall.

Try new methods and explore new markets without worrying about exceeding the yearly budget. Due to reduced overhead, you may try non-traditional trade exhibitions.

Bottom Line

Virtual trade show platform & virtual trade shows may never replace the vast display halls. Face-to-face interaction is just too important for many individuals. A clever marketing expert, on the other hand, will exploit this exciting new technology to reach out to consumers. It’s another weapon in your armoury that you can utilise to help your company’s bottom line.


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