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A Complete Guide About To Care of Philodendron Houseplant

Philodendrons are South and Central American tropical plants. These evergreen plants are Araceae family members, including pothos plants. The most common philodendron plants have long vines or stems with thick, waxy, dark green leaves. They can be planted all year indoors and grow quickly. Depending on the size of the container, philodendrons can grow between one to six feet long and equally wide.


Philodendron Varieties


Philodendrons are classified as either vining or non-climbing.




Vining philodendrons produce cascading vines that look gorgeous in hanging baskets or climbing up a trellis. Monstera deliciosa, the swiss cheese plant, is frequently confused with a vining philodendron.




Philodendrons that don’t climb grow upright.


Philodendron Growing and Caring


Philodendrons do not require a green thumb to grow and care for. A few plant care tips help your plant thrive.


Every 7–14 Days, Water Your Plant


Give your plants a good drink every one to two weeks. If your plant’s leaves start to turn yellow and fall off, you may give it too much water. To avoid this, let the top inch of soil dry out completely between waterings.


Cut back your Philodendron often


When you prune your plants, you help them grow new leaves and keep them from getting too tall. Take off the old leaves so that the new ones can grow. Keep the pieces you cut off because they can be used to start new plants.


Use Propagation To Manage Plant Size


To propagate your plant:


  • Using a pair of garden clippers, cut off three to six inches of the stem.
  • Leave four to six leaves on the stem after gently taking off the bottom ones.
  • Plant the stem about two to three inches deep in moist soil, ensuring the soil is firm around the roots and that none of the leaves is buried.


Fertilise Your Plant Once A Month


Pale new leaves usually lack magnesium or calcium in your plant. Your plant will stay healthy, strong, and beautiful if you use a water-soluble houseplant fertiliser on it once a month.


Keep Your Plant Out of Reach Of Children And Pets


Philodendrons can make people and animals sick if they eat them, but they won’t kill them. If you have pets or kids, it’s best not to put them on the floor.


Repot Your Plant As Needed


Unlike many other houseplants, philodendrons rarely need to be repotted after purchase. If your Philodendron starts to outgrow its pot, you can transplant it or start a new plant from a cutting.


Common Philodendron Myths


There are a few common misconceptions about philodendrons that we’ll address here:


  • A philodendron is not the same as a Monstera.
  • A philodendron is not the same as a Pothos.


A philodendron, like Monstera and Pothos, has vines and aerial roots. Each of these plants grows on another plant in nature, but they are different plant species. Their leaves can distinguish them. Monstera leaves are large and often have holes, Pothos leaves are oval, and Philodendron leaves are heart-shaped. Because their care is so similar, if you can’t differentiate, you can use this guide to care for your plant, whichever it is.




Philodendron grows quickly, so you won’t have to wait months for them to get bigger after buying them from a plant store. It can grow twice or three times the size it was when you first got it in a matter of weeks. It’s a great plant for a location that doesn’t get direct sunlight but isn’t too dark. Its vines make an excellent hanging plant, but you can prepare it on moss poles. It is a versatile plant that can transform any space into a jungle.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post! This information helps keep your plants healthy and beautiful!


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