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Affordable Uniforms Online Cheer Shell, Top and Custom Cheerleading Uniforms

AUO Cheer offers custom cheerleading uniforms. Learn more about Colourup Uniforms, One-Piece Jumpers, and Vintage Varsity Styles. You can also order custom cheerleading uniforms to represent your school or team. Here are some suggestions for cheerleading uniforms:

AUO Cheer offers custom cheerleading uniforms

When you’re looking for custom cheerleading uniforms, you’ve come to the right place! AUO Cheer offers a wide variety of styles and designs for youth and adult cheerleaders. Whether you want to wear a classic cheer uniform or go bold and colorful, AUO Cheer is your answer! From classic cheerleading uniforms to team wear and flags, AUO Cheer offers everything you need to make your cheerleading experience memorable.

Cheerleading uniforms are made from heavyweight, stretchable polyester knit. This material is much easier to care for than cotton. Unlike cotton, however, you should wash cheerleading uniforms separately to avoid lint and other materials. It’s also a good idea to clean your uniforms regularly, after every performance. The cheerleading uniform is meant to be a durable and comfortable choice for your cheerleaders, so take care to clean it properly!

Varsity vs. AUO Cheer – While Varsity has a strong stance against plagiarism, they are often successful in protecting their designs. Varsity’s lawsuits are aimed at keeping competitors from copying their designs. But this doesn’t stop the company from creating custom cheerleading uniforms. In fact, some companies even copy Varsity designs. But how do you know if you’re being copied?

Cheap cheerleading uniforms – Sometimes it’s difficult to afford custom cheerleading uniforms. But there’s no need to sacrifice quality for affordability. AUO Cheer offers a wide selection of affordable cheerleading uniforms to fit every budget. While cheap uniforms may not look as nice as high-quality ones, they’ll still look good. So why not try something different? You’ll look great in a new uniform and be proud to show it off.

Colourup Uniforms

Whether you are looking for a custom cheerleading uniform for your child, you’ve come to the right place! Colourup Uniforms’ custom cheerleading uniforms are made with the highest quality materials. They are comfortable, supportive, and moisture-wicking to help cheerleaders keep cool during their practices. Plus, every cheerleader should have a good pair of cheer shoes!

If you have a serious cheerleading squad, custom cheerleading uniforms are a necessity. With this company, you can include your team logo, name, and monogram. You can even combine skirts and shells from anywhere. They’ll even come to your school to take measurements so you can match the exact length of your squad! You’ll be cheering in style in no time!

Whether your school is competing at a local, regional, or national level, Colourup Uniforms’ custom cheerleading apparel is perfect for your cheerleaders. They are made of high-quality fabric and are fully sublimated for vibrant graphics. The custom cheer and cheerleading uniforms are perfect for outfitting your college or university cheerleaders! The possibilities are endless! So go ahead and start a cheerleading team!

One-Piece Jumper

A One-Piece Jumper is a great way to create a unique cheerleading uniform. Depending on your style, you can choose from cheerleading uniforms with a cold shoulder design, or you can opt for a classic look with a long sleeved sweater. One-piece jumpers are perfect for cheer teams, because they are easy to wash and dry.

The top part of a school cheerleading uniform will typically be waist-length and cover the front upper body, shoulders, and arms (if sleeveless). The bottom part of the uniform will show, but will not violate any NFSHSA uniform rules. Shorter tops are generally acceptable for all-star cheerleading organizations, but may not be appropriate for high school cheerleading teams.

If you are looking for a cheerleading uniform, you can select one that matches the school’s colors and style. There are plenty of professional brands that will give you the perfect solution based on your budget and your squad’s goals. Make sure you research the different styles of cheerleading uniforms to choose the right one. Remember, uniforms should be comfortable, stylish, and represent the school. A coordinated squad will look great and build a strong sense of teamwork among all of its members.

Vintage Varsity Style

The varsity style of cheer and dance uniforms features unique styling and performance fabrics. Its lettering placements, front-to-back color blocking, and bold braid are sure to turn heads. The vintage look of the uniforms is sure to inspire confidence in cheerleaders. These cheerleaders can turn heads while demonstrating their spirit during competitions or team outings. And you can customize your uniforms with your team’s name and school logo.

Once you’ve approved your design and layout, your order will go into production. Please note that each manufacturer’s production schedule varies, so check the timeline before ordering. Also, please note that shipping times are not included in the production timeline. Additionally, because your uniforms are made-to-order, they are non-refundable and cannot be returned. Therefore, make sure you order the correct sizes for your squad in advance.

The lettering is a critical part of your cheerleading outfits. It’s also crucial that your cheerleaders wear cheerleading uniforms with unique designs. These are the most important aspects of a cheerleader uniform, and you can’t get them from anywhere else. It’s not enough to have a nice cheerleading uniform – you should look great while wearing it. So, be proud of your style and buy vintage Varsity Style custom cheer and cheerleading uniforms from a reputable manufacturer.

The uniforms made from soft elastics will conform to your body’s natural shape and won’t cause bulges. Regardless of what type of elastics you choose, make sure to take accurate measurements before ordering. The biggest mistake people make is misunderstanding their hip measurement with their abdomen measurement. Your hips are the widest part of your lower body. You want the belt to fall between your hips and waist.


Whether a team is competing for a state title or a high school title, custom cheer and dance uniforms are an excellent way to support the program and your athlete. Uniforms are available in several different styles and materials, and the letters and graphics can be fully sublimated into the fabric. They are durable and made with precision to ensure that your team is properly outfitted. Here are some ideas for custom cheer and dance uniforms with monograms:

For a simple, yet stylish look, monograms are a great way to make your team’s cheerleading uniform stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose a general team name or the initials of the school’s mascot, you can find a cheerleading uniform that fits your team’s style and budget. Depending on the number of players and design, you can have your name, team logo, or mascot embroidered onto the uniform. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination and your sense of style to make your team stand out from the crowd.



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