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8 Amazing Vastu Tips For Kitchens So You Can Eat Blessed Food

Our kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the fuel of our body is stored and created. It is where Lord Agni (the god of fire) blesses us with their energy. Not only does the kitchen take care of your health, but your wealth as well – because there’s no earning when you are unwell.

So, how do we ensure that our kitchen is always full of positivity so the cook and anyone who eats their food can feel nourished, blessed, and content after every meal?

In this article we’ll share some Vastu tips for your kitchen – everything from what the kitchen’s direction as per Vastu should be to its colors. These tips will help you give a makeover to your kitchen and ensure you only eat positive food because it’s food that helps us exist on Earth.

Vastu Tips For Kitchens

The Direction Of The Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra principles for homes, the finest and most optimum direction for the kitchen in our house is between the South-East and South directions (measured from the center of the house). This direction belongs to the fire element, which affects various areas in our lives, including financial flow, health, and safety

The Direction Of The Heating Devices

The refrigerator, microwave, griller, stove, and other devices in the kitchen that produce heat should be kept in the South-East corner of the kitchen. In case that’s not possible, or you have some trouble defining the precise degree of the South-East, it’s best to talk to a Vastu consultant and make sure there’s no miscalculation.

Having A Temple In The Kitchen

Many Indian households have their temples (pooja area) in the kitchen. This is mostly due to the lack of space in the rest of the property. But it is not recommended. The prayer area of any home or workplace should be ideally in the North-East. West is the second-best option. In case, you cannot have the temple anywhere other than the kitchen, make sure it is in the North-East corner of the kitchen with a cream-colored curtain covering it.

Placing The Trash Can In The Kitchen

Most kitchens have two dustbins – one for wet and one for dry waste. But these cannot be placed anywhere. They should stay in the disposal zones of the kitchen i.e., in the South of South West, East of South East, South of South East, or West of North West directions. Also, the trash can should be covered with a lid at all times and brown in color.

Take Special Care of Colors In The Kitchen.

If your kitchen is in the South-East direction of the house as it should be, make use of colors that represent the fire element (like red) but in small doses. For the most part, you should use the colors green, white, yellow, light brown, or chocolate brown for the cabinets and tiling. 

But if your kitchen is anywhere else in the house, you can use neutral colors like beige and cream. Stay clear from colors that represent water elements, because fire and water aren’t friends. Water colors include shades of blue, black, and gray.

Avoid Having A Kitchen Below A Toilet.

If you live in a multi-storeyed building, you may have your kitchen below a toilet. This is a road to disaster because the food prepared in this kitchen will always have the negative energy of the toilet and eating such food is bound to lead to problems with the health, safety, and wealth of the family. The only solution is to relocate either that toilet or the kitchen. If that’s not possible, you could hire a Vastu consultant to give you the exact no-demolition solution you need.

Avoid A Granite Counter-Top.

When granite heats up during cooking, it begins to generate dangerous radiations that could result in the growth of tumors in the belly of the person standing there for a long time.

Natural stone slabs are better options for your health. You can put a natural stone on top of the granite surface of a kitchen that has already been constructed and then set the stove on top of that. 

The color of the slab should be selected under expert guidance after understanding the correct direction of the kitchen space, its stove, and the strength of the slab. The rightly colored stone slab will help balance the energies of a kitchen that is not facing in the right Vastu direction.

Avoid Having The Stove & Sink Nearby.

The kitchen stove represents the fire element. The sink and drinking water systems represent water elements. Having both the stove and sink on a single slab can create disturbance in your life. From arguments with your loved ones to poor health, there are many possible problems. That’s why your sink and stove should be on adjacent slabs – not on the same one and not facing each other. 

Wrapping Up

Those were 8 Kitchen Vastu tips to welcome positive energy in your food and all aspects of your life. 

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