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Beyond Baby Products: Why Postpartum Care Is Essential For New Moms

A human came out of your body last week, and you’re juggling between baby wipes and baby diapers? Take a little break from baby products, woman. Let your hubby share some responsibilities. Woman, your beautiful body literally just underwent a mega serious transformation! First, you were pregnant and then you delivered your baby! Your body is changing again. While some changes may be physical, others are emotional and mental. Discomfort, stress, and irritation are common postpartum changes. Even if you’re feeling good, just make sure to go for all your post delivery visits. These checkups allow you to ask your healthcare provider questions, as well as assist your provider in identifying and treating health concerns. Dear new mommy, if you are facing health issues following delivery, a good amount of postpartum care can save you. This is exactly what this blog is all about! Here, we will be looking at some postpartum care tips that can help you deal with the stress of delivery. 

Is Postpartum Care Required?

Postpartum is the period between 1st to 6th week of delivery. This time is crucial for the new mother’s healing. The new Mom went through a lot of adjustments and pain to birth her kid, so she has to take care of herself. If postpartum care is not rendered to moms properly, they may feel stressed, depressed, sleepless, and frustrated. So postpartum care is much needed for new mothers. 

  1. Sleep:
    Sleep, woman. Please do. You need this. Let hubby takeover the responsibility of changing baby diapers. You need rest. Hug your baby, give her a kiss, leave her with your hubby, and go off to bed. You must be tired and fatigued, so try completing your sleep. Found your baby sleeping? Lovely, utilize this opportunity to complete your slumber. Power naps can make you feel energetic.

  2. Eat Healthy:
    Postpartum nutrition is super important! You bore labour pains, and delivered a life size being, you have to eat well to become energetic again. Eating well is also important for milk production! Have your carbs, fibers, proteins, water, renew iron reserves, to make sure you stay healthy. Consume bell peppers, broccoli, avocados, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, kale, all leafy greens basically. You can consume citrusy fruits , mangoes, bananas, and apples. Eat oats, and quinoa too!
  3. Meditate:
    Spare some time out of your busy mom schedule and dedicate to meditation. Meditation is the medication for your soul! It makes you feel relaxed, enriched, and elevated by mood. Choose a peaceful room. Keep baby wipes and products aside. Put on some meditation suited music, preferably instrumental so you don’t focus on the lyrics. Sit and breathe. Do this for 15 minutes! You can follow this ritual at night as well to get sound sleep. You can do Yoga exercises and Pranayam as well to support your mental wellbeing.

  4. Delegate:
    Often new mothers take part in festivities involving celebration of parenthood. You really don’t have to cook right now for so many people. Delegate this task to your friends and family members. Also, meeting so many guests can get overwhelming so be around your besties, they will not only comfort you but also help you avoid dramatic and toxic relatives and friends.

  5. Seek Help:
    Woman, if you still feel depressed, anxious, stressed, and irritated, definitely seek help. Please do not hesitate. Its okay to prioritize self-care. The healthier you are, the better care you can take of your baby! Talk to your gynecologist, or seek therapy to get better!

Postpartum care is of utmost importance. At any cost, do not neglect it! Take a break from baby diapers, baby wipe and baby products to complete your sleep! Also, meditate, delegate, and eat healthy. The healthier you feel, the better you’ll care for your baby!


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