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Top 6 Components of Customer Journey Map You Should Not Miss

The service industry has faced a major shift in the past few decades. Earlier the industry was only focused on offering certain services to consumers without paying much attention to their feedback. Now it is more focused on offering users high-quality service specifically designed considering their expectations and demands. It has become possible due to customer journey mapping.

Customer journey mapping has become an essential part of service design. It helps the authorities walk through the process a certain customer will follow to explore the quality of experience. Components of the customer journey provide a detailed insight into the process and help the authorities better understand it. It can help you see if you are really meeting consumers’ expectations and getting closer to positive reviews.

Give an in-depth read to this article to learn and explore the components of the customer journey map; you should not miss creating the perfect experience for your users.

Top 6 Components of Customer Journey Map You Must Follow

The service industry has changed significantly during the past few decades. Now consumers are at the heart of the service, and authorities try their best to help them enjoy great service. Customer journey mapping is a basic step toward identifying how consumers perceive a service and its potential loopholes in it. Following the specific components can help you find areas of improvement.

Here are the major components of the customer journey map you must follow to optimize your service quality and offer valuable experience to your target market.

1. Persona

Persona is the very first component of the customer journey map that needs your attention. The persona is actually the person, customer, or user making a journey or pursuing a purchase. In other words, the persona is the target audience of some specific brand, business, or service. Identifying and getting to know the persona is more than essential to create the experience or journey mapping they want. Many organizations hire customer journey mapping London experts to reach out to their target audience in the best possible manner and enjoy success.

2. Scenario

The scenario is the next component of customer journey mapping you must adhere to. This is the component that highlights the goals and expectations of the users. Scenarios shed light on the persona and the purpose of their interaction with the brand or service. It focuses on identifying the goals and needs of the users or customers they want to fulfill by interacting with the brand. Scenario helps the service provider identify the expectations of their target audience and take steps to fulfill them.

3. Phases

Phases are the next component of customer journey mapping that needs your attention. The customer journey components depend on each other and impact the one next to them. The phases of the customer journey can differ according to the scenario. For instance, how a certain customer approaches the service or its phases will differ according to their goal. In the case of the restaurant business, the process of checking the menu and ordering the food to take care of billing falls in the domain of phases of the customer journey.

4. Thoughts and Emotions

Thoughts and emotions are one of the most crucial components of customer journey mapping. These components provide insight into the thoughts and emotions of the user while going through the phases of their purchase or service journey. For instance, a person heading to the airport to catch a flight will pass through various stages before final boarding. They might have to wait in long queues and change them to get the boarding pass or even get it smoothly. Whatever they think or feel during the process will make their perception of the service.

5. Actions

Action is the next component of customer journey mapping that needs your attention and care. This component specifically highlights the actions the user or persona takes to achieve their specific goals. You might have created a step-by-step journey for the persona to reach the needed goal smoothly. They might adjust the journey by skipping a few steps or adding more to approach their desired goals. It can help you identify the gaps in the service and amend them for a better quality experience.

6. Opportunities

Opportunities are the last component of customer journey mapping that needs your attention. Following the components of the customer journey, you must have identified areas that lack depth or attraction. You must also have noted the areas needing improvement or have an opportunity to offer something better. This is where you can explore new ideas to make amendments in the process and offer an exceptional experience to users. You can consult customer journey mapping experts to address the improvement needs better and achieve your goals.

Does your customer journey mapping lack somewhere?

If your customer journey mapping lacks something, it will not help you design the best experience for the consumers. Instead of compromising over it and sabotaging your reputation, consult professional service providers to fix all the loopholes and offer the best quality experience to your target audience.


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