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Creating A Wow Effect in your Eyelash Boxes!

Just like any other retail industry, the cosmetic industry has also experienced rapid developments in terms of packaging. With growing competition, manufacturers of cosmetic products are trying to keep their products market competitive. These efforts include upgrading their product’s eyelash packaging as well.

However, the customization of eyelash boxes requires a great deal of attention. This is because eyelashes are very delicate products. They need to be packed and transported with utmost care.

So, it is mandatory to customize your lash boxes in such a manner that the packaging is enticing and the product is safe inside.

Let us show you how you can do that with BCB.

Enticing Styles and Colors:

BCB is an expert in making custom eyelash boxes in a plethora of styles and colors of your choice. For example, die-cut window shapes are necessary to display the true form of the lashes so that they appeal to the customers.

Also, thanks to the unusual colors of dark and light contrasts, or in certain cases, holographic views demonstrating your brand expression, customers can better grasp what’s inside each packaging box.

Some widely used styles of lash boxes are:

  • Two-piece boxes
  • Tuck end boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Straight tuck end boxes

Variety of Printing Options:

We offer a variety of printing options for custom eyelash packaging. These include CMYK, PMS, digital, and plain (non-printed).

To add to this printing, we also apply gloss finish, matte finish, spot UV, spread UV, blind UV, etc.


Besides printing, designing and coloring, we can also provide add-ons for your product. For instance, you can get your logo or brand name embossed or debossed on the box.

Apart from this, you can also apply silver or gold foil on the box to make it look more aesthetic.

Protecting Your Products:

Eyelashes are among the most sensitive cosmetic products. Due to their fragility, it is mandatory to pack them with utmost caution. Receiving complaints from your customers due to low-quality packaging is so embarrassing.

To avoid this, BCB offers the best quality eyelash boxes. Inside these boxes, your products are fully secured which means enhanced customer satisfaction.

Communicate With Your Customers:

In the growing era of e-commerce, the chances of you meeting your customers in a physical setting are very less. Hence, you must be able to communicate with your customers through all other possible means. Your product packaging can be one of them.

Eyelash boxes can be used to communicate with customers. For instance, you can print on them all the important instructions the users might want to know. Additionally, you can communicate your brand’s message through your packaging.

Grow Your Business:

Unboxing a quality product is in itself a whole experience. Improve it and you are already one step ahead of your competitors. Women love to buy cosmetics, especially those aesthetically packed.

With luxury eyelash packaging, you can allure customers whenever they catch a glance at your eyelashes.

With beautiful packaging, you can attract more customers and with good quality packaging, you can retain them. So, your business will grow eventually.

Why choose BCB for your Custom Lash Boxes?

Eyelashes are very delicate products. Customers are usually very sensitive to such products. Therefore, any dissatisfaction regarding the product can result in a loss of sales and save the brand from bad word-of-mouth.

That is why manufacturers of eyelashes try to maintain the high quality of their products. They also choose the packaging wisely.

This is where BCB helps you. We provide you with the best quality wholesale eyelash boxes. Our products are not only of premium quality but also suit your budget. So there remains no reason for you to hesitate in getting customized packaging.

Furthermore, for your satisfaction, we provide you with free prototypes before making the actual for-sale product. We make 2D and 3d mockups of your product. You can also obtain physical samples (on request) to see how everything looks like in reality.

Another good reason for choosing us is the convenience with which you can order from us. Our customer representatives are always available to help you.

Our creative designers are there to design the best box design to attract your customers. Just place your order and sit back. Let us handle the rest for you.




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