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Daily Blogging/Vlogging: Good Influence Or Bad Influence On Youth

If you are a consumer of daily blogging or vlogging, then stop right here! You have no idea that by watching these vloggers or bloggers ranting about their lives, you can be severely impacted. 

In today’s day and age, everyone possesses their own mobile phone or any other device from which they can get on the internet. 

Unfortunately or fortunately, our generation is so addicted to using phones and surfing the internet at such an early age. However, in such an age, we must be addicted to other things, i.e. career growth, books, etc. Alas!

The youth can become so obsessed with the day-to-day lives of wealthy families, internet celebrities, and false standards that would make fancy magazines like Vogue blush. 

If you are curious to know the influence of daily blogging/vlogging in the lives of youth, then you must read the information provided below attentively. 

In this blog, we have uncovered some hidden fors and againsts of consuming such content. So, dive right in!

Uncover The Good Sides & Bad Sides Of Blogging/Vlogging With Us

Good Side # 1 – Consuming Blogging/Vlogging Makes Us Smarter

There are people daily blogging and vlogging for everything, you name it, from inspiring goals to makeup tutorials for your prom night to the best product reviews, hauls, and whatnot. Picture this – you are hunting for a reputable assignment writing service Ireland, but you do not know which service provider to opt for. Coincidentally, you come across a vlogger sharing their reviews on the best academic writers who completed their assignments in no time. There you go, you have a lead now! 

All in all, these bloggers and vloggers can give you answers to a lot of questions without you having to ask them in the first place. However, you can also ask them for their recommendations; we are sure they will guide you in the best way possible. 

Bad Side # 1 – But We Can Also Get Misinformed And Not Even Know It

Now, only because someone is claiming something does not make it the truth, right? This type of content can lead to a lot of issues for young minds as they grow up. Watching daily blogging and vlogging can set extreme standards for the living styles of a normal person. 

Good Side # 2 – Watching Blogs/Vlogs Leads To Less Boredom

With blogs and vlogs on your mobile phones, you can pretty much watch them anywhere and anytime. On an aeroplane? Waiting in the DMV? Or sitting in the waiting room for something? These areas guaranteed boredom in the past. However, daily blogging makes it easier to get entertainment on the go. 

If these blogs/vlogs did not exist, what do you think people would do in those instances? Twiddle their thumbs, maybe? Or listen to that deafening tick-tock of the clock. Thus, consuming such content really has a positive impact on the youth. 

Bad Side # 2 – But People Are Spending More Time Glued To Screens

Individuals who believe that a lot of screen time is, in fact, negative might blame content like daily blogging or vlogging. We do agree that people have been wasting a lot of their precious time with their screens these days. As a result, they are negligent towards enjoying anything else in the world. 

Good Side # 3 – Vlogs/Blogs Have Led To The Creation Of Many Jobs And Income

Daily blogging began only for entertainment purposes. However, nowadays, people are dedicating their entire lives to creating valuable content, especially for their followers. All across the globe, not only adults but also youth are becoming financially independent. 

Now, people ditch time-consuming and boring jobs such as offering CIPD assignment help and rather become full-time bloggers and vloggers. Moreover, these content creators need specific equipment to be invented in order to make videos of the best quality. 

Thus, it would certainly not be wrong to suggest that the creative community has opened the world of opportunity for many people, both behind and in front of the camera, to earn better. 

Bad Side # 3 – But Vlogs/Blogs Are Also Productivity Killers

How do we know that you are not currently watching daily blogging/vlogging while reading this blog? We don’t know for sure. Our point here is that while content creation has opened doors for many new jobs, it might also be snatching away the productivity of a lot of people in the corporate sector and even in the homes that are serving non-blogging-related occupations.

Good Side # 4 – Blogs/Vlogs Can Be Inspiring

From meetups with other bloggers, celebrities, activists, and TED talks, 24% of the entire world’s population has been reported for daily blogging and vlogging usage. Adults can connect with like-minded people and get innovative ideas. Youth can get inspired by their most cherished influencers and might get motivated to start their own blog or vlog. 

There are a lot of people who watch this type of content daily, whether it is to learn about something, kill time, or brighten up their day by watching the day of their favourite blogger or vlogger. 

Bad Side # 4 – Not All Content Creators Set A Great Example

There would have been nothing better than if all the daily blogging and vlogging content on the internet were tailored by only respectable, genuine, and trustworthy people having pure intentions. However, it breaks our heart to write this, but sadly, it is not the case. 

Therefore, misinformation is quite common in such sort of content. Popularity is not guaranteed as a criterion of quality. Thus, numerous people who are too caught up in this type of content can be misled. A lot of times, less reputable sources can also blur the disclosure of sponsored content to mislead the audience into buying a certain product or service. 

  • What is the impact of vlogging on youth?

Vlogging has a massive role in remoulding societal norms and points of view. Content creators use their platforms to advocate for change, raise their voices about social issues, and maintain a safe space for depreciated communities. 

  • How does vlogging affect students in 2024?

There are many studies that indicated positive outcomes in teaching and learning using vlogging and blogging in higher education. Students found that such content greatly affected the student’s self-expression, self-assessment, interaction, self-regulation, and much more.

  • What are the perks of vlogging for students?

The students who actively do vlogging have higher self-confidence. Moreover, content creation also helps eliminate fatigue and create collaboration and interaction, which will eventually help them improve their language in a healthier classroom culture. 

  • Is daily vlogging/blogging good or bad?

Daily blogging and vlogging can help the youth to edit and record their videos swiftly. But in the longer run, a lot of content creators who record daily end up exhausted after a few months or so. 

Summing It All Up!

And that is it. Daily blogging and vlogging have their own boons and banes. By reading the good sides and bad sides discussed above, we are sure that you can see for each and every prospective positive, there is an equally related negative. So, it is totally up to the youth to determine whether they want to enjoy the benefits or face the disadvantages.


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