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Detail Travel guide to Jim Corbett National Park: Plan your trip

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most famous parks for its adventure, spices flora and resorts in ramnagar jim corbett. It is home to a wide range of wildlife and landscapes, making it a popular spot for tourists looking to enjoy nature close up and vacation.

Are you thinking of a trip to Jim Corbett National Park? You’re in the right place to learn all about planning and travel. We will provide you with the right guidance and information on planning a vacation to Jim Corbett national Park.

Jim Corbett:

Jim Corbett National Park is well-known for its exotic wildlife, flora and fauna, as well as scenic views. The park is located at 1300 feet above sea level. It experiences cold, sunny days. It is not recommended to visit the park between July and September as it is difficult to enjoy the area during the monsoon season.

You can see the Ramganga River from the park and get a chance to spot wild animals. You may see the lions and tigers coming to the river to drink or find food. Elephants, zebras and other animals can be seen drinking water or playing near the river.

It is a bird paradise, so the park is filled with singing birds. The Jim Corbett national Park is home to thousands of bird species that complement the jungle beauty.

How do you travel within the Jim Corbett National Park?

Open jeep safaris are a great way to get close to the wildlife and natural beauty of Jim Corbett National Park. This tour covers most of the areas where you can see animals and is usually only for one day. You can book jeep safari packages through many Resort in Jim Corbett. For a short break, the park opens at 5.30 am and closes at 10. It resumes at 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Mornings are the best time to see big cats roaming about the park and feel their presence. The most popular package is an elephant safari. You get to explore new roads and interact closely with the flora, fauna and other wildlife.

Safaris can be booked ahead, but to preserve the delicate balance between wildlife & humans, there is a limit on the number of persons allowed in the jeep. Half-day safaris are covered by the jeep pass. Extra charges will be charged if you wish to extend your safari. You can also book an evening safari to experience the jungle nightlife. These bookings must be made within 48 hours.

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How to pack clothing in Jim Corbett National Park?

Because the park can have unpredictable weather, the clothing suggestions will vary. You should not bring clothes that aren’t appropriate for the climate you will be experiencing. Jim Corbett, despite living in the mountains, is usually hot during summer. In summer, it can reach 45 degrees Celsius while winter temperatures drop below -2 degrees Celsius. It changes depending on the season. In summer, it can become humid and in winter, cold. Jim Corbett’s climate shifts from unbearable heat and to pleasant and beautiful freezing winter.

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