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Embrace the Desi-Western Fusion with Our Saree and Crop-Top Style Guide 

Sarees have always been an embodiment of elegance and a piece of drape that exudes timelessness. However, the recent trends of wearing crop tops with sarees have brought about a radical shift in the way women like to sport sarees!

This new combination effectively blends traditions with a modern touch, that can elevate your classic saree-look up by several notches. In this article, we will discuss how you can blend Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata with crop tops and create a unique and modern lookbook for your everyday styling!

Ditch The Blouses for a Change!

Styling for modern-day women is all about staying comfortable, yet looking stylish and elegant in every possible way! Blouses might be the ideal combination for draping a saree. But crop tops bring about a whole new definition of sporting a saree. It offers seamless versatility and also enables you to experiment with various styles to enhance your lookbook.

So, while you’re looking to buy Chanderi sarees online, remember to ditch the blouse pieces for crop tops to achieve a sustainable, modern, minimalistic, yet traditional look to rock every occasion with style!

Styling Saree With Crop Tops- Doing It the Right Way

Let’s take a closer look at some of the perfect ways you can style a saree with a crop top-

  • Select the right crop top

The first step to perfecting a saree with a crop top is to select the right crop top! While choosing crop tops, make sure to consider your saree’s colour as well as the fabric type. Remember the golden rule- the crop top must complement the saree and not the other way around!

If you’re trying to glam up a bit, you can even go for embroidered crop tops. Just make sure that you’ve picked the right fit, and selected the right fabric and design to complement it with any handloom cotton sarees online.

  • Play around with draping styles

Do you know that the way you drape a saree can alter your looks significantly? So, don’t just stick to the usual draping style. Opt for a butterfly drape-style or a seedha pallu to elevate your overall look. You can also go for traditional draping styles if you don’t want to complicate your dress-up.

Just remember, that each draping style would offer a different kind of aura, and therefore, would create a different lookbook for every occasion. 

  • Try combinations of prints and fabrics

Mixing and matching different kinds of styles and prints are also an effective way to create a distinctive look! For instance, selecting a light-shaded crop top with printed Chanderi handloom sarees can create a distinctive look.

On the other hand, a Katan silk saree with a cotton crop top can give out an elegant and classy vibe and seamlessly offer a combination of a retro-modern chic look.

  • Add accessories for an enhanced look

No matter how you style the crop top and the saree, accessories act like the “mini look-elevators” that can elevate your overall look by several notches! Be it a party, a regular day at the office, or a casual day out with your friends, a pair of earrings, or a necklace can add a bold statement to your overall look.

However, remember that over-accessorizing can disrupt your whole look! So, try to avoid adding too many embellishments to keep the entire focus on the outfit.

The Saree & Crop Top Combo – What Are the Benefits?

The saree and crop top combination brings about a contemporary aesthetic without disregarding the traditional touch.

However, it offers a handful of other benefits over aesthetics that you should be aware of-

  • It’s a comfortable combo

One of the very first benefits of this combination is the comfort that it provides! Crop tops are undoubtedly more comfortable than regular blouses, and can provide superior comfort and breathability during the scorching weather.

  • It offers versatility

The modern-day styling is all about comfort and versatility, and both are present in abundance in this combination. You can sport the saree and crop top combo to various formal and casual occasions like parties, meetings, dinner dates, conferences, weddings, etc.

  • It elevates your fashion game

A saree with a blouse is such a yesterday combo! Rather, styling a crop top with the six-yard drape is something that reflects your uniqueness and elevates your fashion game!

  • It’s Sustainable

Pairing a saree with a crop-top is a perfect choice for promoting sustainable fashion as it mixes the ethos of ethnic wear with a contemporary touch, thus minimizing the requirement for fresh production. This also encourages upcycling, turning an existing saree into a contemporary outfit which leads to minimum wastage and reusing of the fabric. It is an essential aspect of artisanal skills, and even supports the local economies as sarees are often handcrafted with centuries-old techniques.

Wrapping It Up

The saree and crop top combo is a unique, modern, and classy trend that is making the ladies go crazy! Not only does this combo make room for creativity, but also offers seamless comfort and suits any occasion whatsoever!



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