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Exploring the Hottest Ethnic Co-ord Set Styles of the Season

As far as the world of fashion is concerned, there are trends that emerge and fall with time. However, the one trend that has stood the test of time is co-ord sets. With the same design on the top and bottom wear, it creates a sophisticated uniformity that appeals greatly to lovers of contemporary fashion.

By blending such contemporary fashion with traditional Indianness, you get one of the best and most loved cultural outfits – ethnic co-ord sets. Such co-ord sets have taken the world by storm, as they offer a wide range of options that can suit every occasion. 

As a woman who keeps up with trends, such co-ord sets prove to be an effortless solution that offers style, class, as well as comfort.

In this article, we will discuss at length the best and hottest traditional co-ord set styles of the season.

Why are co-ord sets so popular?    

Co-ord sets are a popular choice for women all over the world because of their sheet ease of wearing and carrying and versatility. 

As the top and bottom have the same design, it creates a beautiful vibe of consistency. It is also so widely liked because it eliminates the confusion of pairing – as a set, it is worn together, getting rid of the hassle and indecisiveness. 

Co-ord sets can, however, also be worn separately if you wish so. Traditional co-ord sets for women add a contemporary twist to an otherwise ethnic outfit, instantly making them a favourite for modern women.

Styles of co-ord sets

Floral co-ord sets

If you are looking for styles of traditional co-ord sets that will never go out of fashion, the first design that comes to mind is the floral design. With its vibrant design and fresh vibe, it adds a touch of femininity to your outfit. With the right amount of embellishments and accessorising, floral co-ord sets can also be used for ethnic purposes as their design and overall look are mesmerising. 

From daytime parties and open events to festive celebrations and grand functions, floral co-ord sets are perfect for all occasions. With its delicate embroidery and playful prints, it is an elegant choice for all women.

Brocade co-ord sets

The most celebratory type of ethnic co-ord set out there that can make your outfit all set for traditional events is a brocade co-ord set. Such co-ord sets radiate sophistication, elegance, and royalty. The exquisite fabric is woven with golden or silver threads to add intricate detailing and patterns, making it the perfect choice for grand occasions such as festivals, weddings, and more. 

Such brocade co-ord sets are the most luxurious choice you can go for to make sure you outshine everyone in every gathering.

Hand block prints co-ord sets

One of the most unique designs any type of outfit can have is the hand block print – with its artisanal strokes of design, it creates a unique charm. 

As a traditional co-ord set, hand-block prints are a popular option to create an aesthetic like never before. Paired with matching pants, such co-ord sets are perfect for a relaxed, stylish, traditional, as well as comfortable look. These can be worn to the office, for casual outings with friends and family, for festive functions, as well as weddings with the right accessories.

Co-ord sets with sequins

If you are someone who loves a little bit of sparkle and shine, you must go for a cord set dress adorned with shiny embellishments such as sequins. These elements make up for a glamorous outfit that is ideal for evening events as well as grand festivities. 

You can pair a shiny crop top with a sequined flowy skirt or pants for the perfect look. Such shimmer can make your outfit have a chic yet festive vibe, drawing up all the attention to you. 

Such co-ord sets usually come in bold colours and detailed designs, making traditional wear look glamorous.

Monochrome co-ord sets

Minimalism is the new trend that has recently been popularized – any outfit with a minimalistic vibe makes a strong and bold statement due to it featuring a single colour for both top and bottom wear. It has a sleek as well as elegant look, making you appear sophisticated and chic. 

You can go for bold colours for classic looks, or pastel colours for a tamed look, depending on the occasion. To give the outfit a more ethnic feel, you can add statement jewellery and matching footwear.

Final thoughts

To sum it up, ethnic co-ord sets are the up-and-coming choice of modern women to flaunt their styles in contemporary fashion while not letting go of their traditional roots. 

You can don such traditional co-ord sets for a number of occasions, right from work to grand celebrations. 



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