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High Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval

High risk merchant accounts can be set up quickly and easily at Our team allows you to apply online or over the phone and we will never charge any setup fees or hidden fees for our service. We are also an authorised signatory to allow us to process credit card transactions on your behalf, so you can start accepting payments immediately upon approval!

High Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval

High risk merchant accounts Instant Approval are a type of business bank account that is set up for businesses that have a history of chargebacks or payment disputes.

High risk merchant accounts are also known as high risk payment gateways.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

A high-risk merchant account is for businesses that have a low credit score or sell certain types of products and services.

If you:

  • Have a history of chargebacks, do not have a good credit score, or are new to business and have had no time to establish a track record, then you may be considered high-risk by traditional lenders.
  • Are looking to accept payments online through your website or mobile app but don’t want to pay extra fees from the payment processors because your business has been labeled as “high risk,” then a third party service like [company name] can help!

A merchant account is a specialised sort of business bank account which allows businesses to accept payments by debit and credit cards. While there are many companies offering merchant accounts in the UK, some businesses find it difficult to set up a merchant account. These are considered high risk merchant accounts or high risk payment gateways.

High risk merchant accounts are difficult to set up and can be expensive, but they also come with a higher risk of fraud and chargebacks.

The merchant account provider will usually charge a high fee to accept these payments because there is an increased chance of fraud or other problems occurring. High-risk merchants include adult entertainment, gaming sites and software developers who sell their products online.

The term high risk refers to the level of risk involved for the banks or financial institutions in setting up a merchant account for certain types of businesses. There are over a dozen reasons why your business may be categorised as high risk and these will be fully discussed during our consultation process. Highriskpay can assist you with high risk payment gateway and set up high risk merchant accounts in UK. Apply now and get instant approval!

A high risk merchant account is a type of merchant account that has been designed for businesses with a higher risk of chargebacks. This may be because they sell goods or services that are considered high risk to the banks and financial institutions, or because their transaction volume is so large, that it would place an unacceptable burden on the bank’s resources if all disputes were to be resolved in favour of the customer.

Highriskpay helps you get approved for a highriskpay service by providing fast approval and instant funding!

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If you’re looking for a high risk merchant account or high risk payment gateway, we can help. With our experience and expertise, we’ll make sure that your application process is quick and simple. In just a few days you could be accepting payments from customers all over the world!


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