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How To Avoid Common Pallet Racking Mistakes

Pallet racking systems play a vital role in the success of any storage facility or warehouse. Using these systems properly can improve productivity and efficiency. They offer a foundation to develop and simplify your supply chain, helping create a safe environment. Nevertheless, knowing how to avoid the most common pallet ranking mistakes is important.

Below are some common mistakes you should know in the case of pallet racks:

1. Not repairing damaged parts

It’s practically impossible to keep a pallet ranking unit from wearing out. Some parts at some stage will need repair or replacement. Never ignore a damaged part. The structural integrity of the whole system will be at risk. If you have forklifts in your warehouse, collusion with pallet storage will happen. You can add obstacles to soften the blow of the machinery and racking.

Damaged equipment should be recorded immediately and checked to evaluate the replacement or repair needed. Conducting yearly routine inspections helps notice anything that goes unnoticed that needs repair.

2. Surpassing weight limits

Even if there’s limited storage space, the load capacity of every ranking system should be within the standard limit to avoid overloading the unit. Putting a lot of weight on the unit will cause severe damage to the frames and result in a collapse, and put workers in danger.

Put the heaviest pallets or loads at the bottom. The best place is at the back of the shelf so that the unit is light at the top. The staff should know the standard load capacity to prevent such happenings. Note that the maximum load capacity of the shelf is indicated on display.

3. Climbing racking unit

Many storage facilities have pallet racking units that store tough-to-access products via manual techniques. During busy days, it can be luring for workers to quickly climb the unit to get the items that are on the top pallet instead of using proper equipment.

Workers should use safety precautions, ladders, and other tools to access products stored at top levels. Climbing the pallet ranking will make the unit collapse, leading to injuries. Safety awareness for workers will help prevent work accidents, letting them know the possible risks of climbing shelves to make informed decisions in such circumstances.

4. Not paying attention to your equipment

When looking for a new pallet ranking unit, you need to pay attention to the equipment and tools you use in your warehouse. The unit and equipment will work together. Even if warehouse storage might tick the right boxes, it needs your equipment’s support to affect the operations’ productivity and efficiency.

Not all machinery will work with every racking unit. It would help if you ensured the equipment could safely reach all the unit parts to prevent your forklifts and other equipment from becoming redundant. Make is your key starting point if this equipment is vital to how they function.

Even though employee training helps, accidents at the workplace will happen. Therefore, implementing physical preventative measures is essential. For instance, angle post protectors are a cheap option to divert the force of the impact to another side of the frame. Knowing how to avoid these mistakes is vital for the success of your storage facility.


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