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Liteboxer Review Get an Exercise with This Full-Body Workout

With its LED lighting and fun scoring statistics, The Liteboxer could initially appear like an intelligent dancer. Although it is, it’s a full-body machine for boxing that allows you to exercise within the convenience of your home. If you’ve had a glimpse of Peloton and Liteboxer, imagine the Liteboxer as a Peloton to box. If you’ve never been familiar with Peloton and Liteboxer, you will not be able to draw that comparison. However, just as Peloton encourages you to take training courses led by a trainer to help you get the most value from your stationary bike, The Liteboxer encourages you to train with training classes taught by a trainer. Liteboxer Review Get an Exercise with This Full-Body Workout Click here

We looked at it to help you determine whether it’s worth the investment

 Fortunately, my test Liteboxer was born with white glove service, so I didn’t have to put it up alone. The two guys carrying two boxes upstairs to install my new machine were highly competent. It wasn’t their first time (with the installation of Liteboxers specifically), so they completed the task in less than an hour. You can follow these simple steps if you don’t have the money to pay for white glove services. It’s just a matter of ensuring two people can transport the boxes and put the machine in place. Make sure you have enough space to accommodate the Liteboxer since this machine is enormous.

When assembled, a Liteboxer measures 37.6 inches in size by 55.5 inches (or approximately 3 feet by 5 feet). Along with having, at the very least, this much space to accommodate the machine, The company also suggests leaving around a 1-foot distance between the front and the sides. However, for specific workouts, there is a need for additional areas to perform exercises off-platform, like squats, yoga postures, and more. 

 Close-up of the material that is the base of the lightbox

If you are standing on the base, it provides the weight to counter the punches that you are throwing at the top of the piece. If you notice that the top part, often referred to in the punching shield, isn’t high enough or low enough according to your height, it’s easy to adjust. You are making sure that the size is the right one for getting the most out of your training. Some other items are included with the Liteboxer purchase. In my unit of a test, I received two sets of wristbands, a pair of small gloves, and oversized gloves. Each pair of gloves comes with the perfect storage bag.


Due to my small hands, I discovered the giant gloves were far too large. Writings of my husband’s are significantly larger than mine, so I asked him to try smaller gloves than oversized ones. He liked the smaller size of the smaller gloves, too. A standard Bluetooth connection is made through your device, and the device will remember that connection for subsequent use. The Liteboxer’s Bluetooth connection to your phone is made via the app and requires you to connect with your device each time you work out. Although it may sound somewhat complicated, there are a few motives behind it Liteboxer Review Get an Exercise with This Full-Body Workout

If you have multiple users living in your house using Liteboxer using their smartphones or tablet, a special connection via the Liteboxer application is advantageous for various reasons. First, it synchronizes your profile and personal settings. In addition, it doesn’t automatically connect to a different mobile phone via Bluetooth and blocks you from joining until the user disconnects or gets exiled.

To pair your phone, click the Liteboxer logo at the top right corner of the application. Then, you’ll be presented with a photograph of the punching guard with one pad highlighted. You must punch that particular pad to initiate your pairing procedure.

 The home screen for the app is the elite boxer pairing screen

 I found it somewhat annoying at first to pair my phone each time I wanted to do it, and it’s only about a minute. It makes it simple for another person to utilize the machine following you. In addition, if you’ve got several Liteboxers at home, it will help you quickly pair with the right one. When I explained to a Liteboxer spokesperson that I had to use a lot of energy behind my punches to connect my phone, I was given an excellent tip that improved my experience tenfold.

When setting the application, you can switch on the punch sensitivity you want to use by selecting settings > preferences > increase the Punch Sensitivity. This allows the device to detect even the tiniest contact, which was a big difference to me. (Read this: I’m not exactly the most athletic person.) Weirdly, your gadget is at the level of your eyes while exercising. It was created to allow you to focus more on the shield that you punch and not get distracted by a movie when you’re working out Liteboxer Review Get an Exercise with This Full-Body Workout

 Multiple Workout Options

One thing I liked the most about my experience with the Liteboxer was being able to test a wide range of exercises. Along with being able to exercise various parts of my body variety of styles for workouts helped make the experience much more enjoyable for me. When you first start the app, it greets you with a brief introduction at the top of the screen.  Learn what trainers think when they throw boxes and terms and what your Liteboxer can do. The home screen of the elite boxer app classes for workouts with elite boxers includes trainer classes and therapeutic training. The late boxer’s punch tracks and freestyles to get an easy workout

 If you want to get an entire body exercise

 Trainer Classes, as their name suggests, are led by athletes who have been trained to differ in duration from 6 or 7 minutes up to thirty minutes. The Build + Restore videos concentrate more on stretching, conditioning, and building your body than working up a sweat. Additionally, there are punch tracks that let users kick according to their favorite way. While the music library is small at present, Liteboxer is constantly adding new songs and expanding the genres of music available. Every theme comes with a difficulty level of medium, easy, or demanding that you can try to play. Increasing the difficulty increases the number of punches needed and the problem of combos throughout the song. Home screen for punch tracks on the elite boxer, with premium tracks an example of restore and build workouts on late boxer’s nonpremium channels for the free elite boxer.

While the fitness classes are fun and will make me sweat, my favorite is the punch track. It’s one of my favorite things to do while exercising, and being able to kick to the beat was quite fun. While I did have sweat flowing across my face after the four tracks, I just wanted to continue because it’s simply enjoyable. Furthermore, when you add more songs to your exercise routine, you’ll be able to track your total workout time at the bottom of the display. This makes it very simple to create an exercise at precisely the length you want the workout to last. In these videos of sparring, trainers have picked several pieces of the same genre and then teach you a couple of combinations in every song. In the introduction, I’d like to point out that I’ve never boxed in my entire life. I’ve never even tried an opponent in an exercise facility. The closest I’ve been to this exercise was kickboxing the Wii. Liteboxer Review Get an Exercise with This Full-Body Workout


However, I was nervous about trying out the Liteboxer since it appeared to target people with prior boxing experience. As I walked into my first class with a trainer and they started to throw about words I’d never heard before and moving extremely quickly, I got lost. After watching the introduction videos, I was able to get an understanding of the events instantly. When I next tried training, I was still lost; however, not enough that I needed to end the video. After completing the course, I dripped after a 10-to-15-minute trainer class. I swear I’m not exaggerating the fact that I was sweating across my body.

I’m indeed from Texas, and the summer heat may have played a role; however, it was challenging. As I mentioned before, I need to exercise more frequently, and I’m not in fitness; however, I was able to make it through the beginner’s level. Simple punch track of Katy Perry’s song “Roar on the late boxer punch track of Katy perry’s roar for liteboxer on medium difficulty, hard difficulty punch track of Katy Perry’s the roar lightboxes. Liteboxer Review Get an Exercise with This Full-Body Workout

While the workouts are fantastic, I was drawn to the punch track. Listening to some of my favorite songs and then punching to beats was a more engaging exercise that didn’t make me feel like I was exercising. It was like being a Beat Saber, just with punches. Also, I’m a competitive individual (especially in my self-esteem), So getting a score at the end of each track was enough to make me desire to play the song repeatedly to see if it was possible to beat my streak or hit all the punches. I tried playing Katy Perry’s Roar on Easy, Medium, and challenging levels (pictured above, from left towards the left to right), and I could discern the differences between the three difficulty levels. Playing the song in Easy mode was like a good warm-up, and I was sweating by the end. Medium mode pushed me more, with new combos and around 50 more punches added to the tune. The hard way was rapid for me and added about 60 more total points than Medium mode.

 As I mentioned earlier

 I needed to turn my punch sensitivity to enable the Liteboxer to register my punches easily. I was constantly receiving a force rating of 2/5, and I had to strike it to bring it to at least 3/5. When I turned the punch sensitivity off, I needed to punch with a minimum force of 3/5 to recognize my punch. When I was exercising, whether using training tracks for points or even an instructor-led training course and the punching shield terrified me a little. I tried to kick the hell out of it, and it was never broken, although, as I’ve stated several times in this blog, I’m not the strongest person. Although I’m not confident that anyone can break it by striking it, the shield for punching was extremely unstable at times and caused me to be concerned.


 Overall all, the Liteboxer is an outstanding piece of equipment for workouts that’s enjoyable and simple to use. I’m not one to work hard, particularly about full-body exercises or cardio. When the Liteboxer first arrived at my home, I was pretty frightened. It was quite a large machine, and I had to learn how to operate it. However, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be to master the art of it. I also love that the app offers a variety of options for beginner boxers, experienced boxers, and people in between. It’s important to know that even if you are a beginner, trying easy punch tracks or beginner-friendly trainer-led classes is sure to leave out sweaty and sweaty. However, there are some reasons why there may be better choices than a Liteboxer for you.

 The Liteboxer takes up plenty of space, and there are better things to look at. It’s more appealing than other fitness equipment but also enormous. If there’s a 3-foot by 5-foot rug at home, you can use it as a guideline when determining the best place to place the Liteboxer. It’s essential to think about the amount of time you’d put into it, whether it will encourage you to work out more often, and if you believe something cheaper (a handbag, punching bags, or some YouTube videos) can work as well. The good news is that they come with that handy 30-day money-back guarantee, should you try it out and discover that there are better choices for you.



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