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A lot of organizations Accounting Services Singapore have their own accounting systems which is usually not compatible with each other. They are often unable to share information between these systems, leading to data loss, duplicated work-in-process and opportunity cost. Every organization is different in terms of its business needs, regulatory requirements as well as its personnel capacity. As a result, every company may require its own customized solution that fits their specific needs. There are a number of ways you can work with your financial manager in order to find the best possible accounting solutions for your company. Tailor made software There are a number of companies Accounting Services Singapore, who provide tailored software which solves all your financial requirements. Software can be designed to track the purchase orders, assets, sales invoices, payments etc. However, choosing the right solution is quite important as you want to make sure that it doesn’t require too much maintenance and it is easily customizable. Moreover, you need to ensure that it can cater to your specific requirements such as currency conversions, VAT based pricing and many more. A good place to start this research would be talking with other smaller firms in Singapore who use a similar solution like yours. Data Integration These days, most companies have their own accounting software. However, this is usually incompatible with each other. This can cause problems as it is hard to find information in one system and then replicate it in another. This problem can be solved by integrating your systems with software such as QuickBooks from Intuit or Simply Accounting from Sage. These solutions not only integrate your accounting software but also allow you to import data from other systems and then export it back to the original source again for a seamless working flow between different companies. Other ways to optimize your financial resources With the growing technology available, you can find many ways in which you can optimize your business operations. You need to take these suggestions into careful consideration as they can usually save you a lot of money. One of the main areas that you need to focus is on the expenses incurred and the Accounting Services Singapore amount of cash flow being generated. You need to see how much expenses are per month, what are the average days to prepare a report, what are the minutes spent on working with financial software etc. Only this way it is possible for you to see how much money you are leaving on the pocket from year-to-year and how efficient your business model is. NOEDITSECTION The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) is the third largest stock exchange in Asia Pacific region in terms of market capitalization. It offers companies a vital platform from which to raise capital through initial public offerings (IPOs), and companies can also use the Singapore market as a base for their expansion into both today’s fast-growing APAC markets, and markets in other parts of the world. Over 720 securities firms operate on the main board of SGX, which has a market capitalization over S$1 trillion as at end Nov 2010. SGX Stock Screener is a free web-based tool for SGX listed securities and derivative stocks, launched in May 2012. Each stock has several parameters that can be used to identify other relevant information. After entering the name of the security, a user is asked to select one or more of the parameter categories shown at right. This scope of information is then refined by combinations of other parameters selected and refined by category. The chart on the right shows the probability or the percentage chance for a stock to qualify under each parameter group as well as its score on that group versus total score. Make Your ACCOUNTING SERVICES SINGAPOREA Reality Breaking the shackles of traditional accounting practices by developing an innovative service model to give Singaporeans direct access to their finances. Accounting Services Singapore that provide a comprehensive range of business services, from payroll services and leased property management to human resource consulting and paperless insurance; from asset management, venture capital and private equity investing to IT and software sales; from digital marketing companies to HR Managers. Companies in this industry operate in the money market, but do not specialize or focus on these particular markets. Financial institutions are one of the biggest employers in the country.

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