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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) vs Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Today, any business that is on the Internet must invest in search engine positioning strategies. If you have goals to meet in the online channel, and you want to publicize the brand or sell, you will discover the differences that exist between SEO vs SEM.

Now, let’s imagine that you can be undecided and do not know which strategy to choose, nor do you know which one is more effective or less expensive. Therefore, we are going to explain in detail the differences between SEO and SEM. Thanks to this, you will be able to decide what is best to improve your online business. Following are the 3 success factors you should keep in mind while digital marketing:

 Factor 1: Cost of SEO vs SEM

 Once you decide on a web positioning strategy, the first thing to consider is how much budget you can invest. Based on this information, you can choose one strategy or the other, or both.

You should know that the main difference between SEO vs SEM is that in the latter, you pay Google for every click you receive, and in SEO you don’t. But that does not mean that an SEO strategy is free. In SEO, you invest a considerable period to get good results.

We can say the cost of an SEO strategy may seem high a priori. But you have to think that in the medium/long term, it is a less expensive strategy than SEM and more profitable.

If you are looking for something immediate, such as the sale of a specific product with a specific seasonality or branding your brand, we recommend that you opt for an SEM strategy. This, in the short term, is more profitable, has better effectiveness, and also, and you will get immediate results. But you should know that the moment you stop investing in an SEM strategy, your website will disappear from search engines.

To clarify this, we explain an example from the website of one of our clients, a Digital marketing firm in Birmingham. From April to July 2015, he invested 2,000 euros per month in Google Adwords. Hence, the number of sessions is higher in 2015 than in 2016, the year in which nothing was invested in Google Adwords. With this, we conclude again that the moment you stop investing in an SEM strategy, the website disappears from search engines. We must make it clear that you will stop receiving paid traffic, but you will continue to receive organic traffic. As long as you are investing or carrying out a correct SEO strategy and adapted to your sales/marketing plan.

Factor 2: Bounce Rate SEO vs SEM

 Before delving into the conversion rate that one strategy or another can generate, we will always keep in mind the bounce rate that any of these SEO vs. SEM strategies can have. And what is the bounce rate? Percentage of sessions in which a user does not interact with more pages, nothing more than the one they enter.

Regardless of whether you are going to invest in SEO or SEM, if you do not consider a good marketing strategy, it is unlikely that the bounce rate will be low. To do this, you must ensure that the user when accessing your website finds what they are looking for. Or that you don’t run into browsing issues that cause you to quit without converting. Of course, the SEM ad and the “SEO ad” must be related to the content of the landing page, SEO course in Birmingham.

In an SEM strategy, campaigns must be segmented based on the target audience you want to target.  Or you can also do it, depending on the product you want to offer. Likewise, the keywords that are consistent with said segmentation must be chosen. Without forgetting to create certain landing pages, which users will reach after clicking on one of the ads.

And in an SEO strategy, one of the objectives is to optimize the website to make it friendly to search engines. With this, we mean that you have to work on both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. And, of course, optimize it for all kinds of devices. But you should not forget to create an attractive snippet or “SEO ad” with which to attract a potential client.

 Factor 3: SEO vs. SEM Conversion

 Clarify that the conversion rate is the percentage of visits that complete one of its objectives. These can be sales, downloads on your website, or a registration, among others. Now, in any of the two SEO vs. SEM strategies, it is an important fact to take into account. Why? Because it allows us to measure to what degree the website is achieving the objectives set or not. To do this, through the Google Analytics tool, we can configure the objectives. After that, we can analyze how many conversions have been obtained in a specific period.

In terms of conversion, you may come to think that in SEM, the conversion is higher than in SEO. We say this because, in an SEM strategy, we can segment our campaigns based on our target audience. In this way, we can simply segment and attract our target, thus fulfilling the objective of the strategy.

But this does not mean that the conversion rate of an SEO strategy is not good. If you want to get a good conversion rate, you will have to work on optimizing your website. But without forgetting that your “SEO ad” will be in charge of attracting potential customers, who end up converting, to PPC Birmingham.

Again we are going to analyze the website of our client mentioned above. In this case, we are going to observe the conversion rate obtained between July and November 2015. The period in which, as we have said, it was invested in Google Adwords. In the image, you can see that organic traffic is the one that obtains a higher conversion rate. Paid traffic was converting evenly, but organic was converting the best. That is, it was more effective.

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