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22 Bridal Get-Ready Robes that you’ll Love

The getting-ready photos are some of your most treasured moments from the wedding day. Wearing a bridal robe makes it even more special. Although there are many options, many brides choose a cozy wrap. These robes are easy to adjust and can be worn for hours without causing any damage to your hair or makeup. A bridal robe can be packed for your big day or honeymoon along with some gorgeous bridal lingerie.

We’re here to help you choose the wedding robe that suits your needs best. Below are the finest and most luxurious Bridal Robes currently on the market. You will feel stylish and comfortable in any style of wedding robe, whether it’s silk or lace, white or floral, personalized or minimal.

  1. Deep Red Floral Satin Robe

This soft, buttery bridal robe will make you want to wear it every day. It is made entirely from bamboo viscose which makes it breathable. You can get it in sizes XS-XXXL.

  1. Dusty Blue Cotton Floral Robe

You can wrap yourself in something simple and sweet, such as this white bridal gown with an embossed “The Mrs.” at the back. It features half sleeves with sheer details of lace and a removable belt. What cute look would this cover-up make paired with chic lingerie on your big day?

  1. Dusty Blue Robes

This simple wrap will make your hair and makeup easy and fun. You can also choose from a variety of stylish colors, such as taupe, champagne, or white. You can also grab some bridal party gowns for your bridesmaids while you are at it.

  1. Mauve Robes

You can make it yours with this customized satin bridal gown. You have the option to select the font and color of your monogram. This robe can be customized to suit any style.

  1. Cotton Floral Robe

Why should you limit your creativity to prints? This chic bridal robe is great for lovers of florals. The beautiful pink peony pattern makes this robe very charming. The robe is made of 100% cotton velvet, making it soft and comfortable. Once you slip it on, you’ll feel like a millionaire.

  1. White Floral Satin Robe

This feather bridal robe is so fancy! Its floor-sweeping design will make a great backdrop for your prewedding pictures. If you would like, you can change the color of your feathers. It’s so much fun!

  1. White Satin Robe

This bridal robe is expensive but it is very popular. The silk is machine washable. This robe is also something that you will wear repeatedly, giving you more bang. We forgot to mention the pockets.

  1. Navy Blue Pajama Set

The robe’s fringe details are a hot trend, and it is sure to be loved by everyone in your bridal party. The sheer design is adorned with botanical details and scalloped sleeves. This robe has magical fairy-like vibes.

  1. White Bridal Pajamas

This elegant, long-sleeved bridal robe lets you channel your inner princess. The flowing sleeves have white floral appliques. It’s luxurious and bridal at its best.

  1. Personalized “Mrs.” Bridal Robe

You are looking for something to wear on the big day? This satin bridal gown is beautiful with its calligraphy-style text. The robe can be personalized with your wedding name and packed for your honeymoon. You will love the pretty embroidered sleeves.

  1. Robe in Nude Pink Solid Satin

The timeless white satin or lace look great. This gorgeous robe features cool sheer accents, a tie at the waist, and the most luxurious lace. It can be worn while you’re getting ready or with some flirty honeymoon lingerie. You won’t forget it, no matter what!

  1. Rose Pajama Set

If comfort is your priority, choose a waffle knit sparobe. This bridal loungewear can be personalized with your monogram and a color. You will love the practical pockets and belt loops.

  1. Pink Floral Robe

Are you a fan of the long, elegant look of a bridal train? Look at this stunning dressing gown. It is soft, lightweight and flowing. This fabric is great to wear before you get married or to surprise your partner on the big day.

  1. Navy Blue Robes

You can now say hello to your “something blue”: a personalized, stylish bridal robe. You can personalize the chest with your initials or wedding date. Now you have a keepsake that will be treasured long after the wedding.

  1. Blue Floral Robes

It’s never too early to buy a nice robe. We are pleased to offer you another washable option made with premium silk. It’s hypoallergenic and thermoregulating. And it even contains amino acids to nourish the skin. Are we missing something?

  1. Dusty Blue Robes

This white classic bridal robe will make you feel super glamorous. The back of the robe has “Bride”, in fancy script. It’s a sweet, subtle detail that you will treasure for years. It’ll also look amazing in your getting-ready photos.

  1. Dusty Blue Pajama Set

Another stylish bridal wrap featuring “bride”, written in pretty script. Plus-size robes are available in sizes 1X-3X. The robe also comes with an attached belt that can be adjusted so that your waist doesn’t get lost.

  1. Botanical Bridal Robe

The sweet leaves details on this lace-trimmed wedding robe will be appreciated by nature lovers. Choose from a wide range of floral designs, and then add your name or personalized word to the back. There are also options for your bridesmaids.

  1. Robe for a short-lace wedding

This lace wedding robe is truly original thanks to its silky personalized shash. The belt can be personalized with your initials or future last names in black or fancy foil letters. You will also receive a slip complimentary, as the robe’s fabric can be seen through.

  1. Sheer Wedding Night Robe

While a sheer lace robe so sexy might not be suitable for getting-ready photos, it is ideal for the wedding night. It will work well. You don’t have to choose white if you don’t like the look of the plus-size robe. This robe comes in sleek black, or sultry Champagne depending on your wedding style.

  1. Lace custom-made wedding robe

We love lace bridal gowns! Especially when they look this good! This pretty lace wrap offers the perfect coverage for your bridal gown. You can add your initials in metallic gold, copper or silver threads for an extra-sentimental touch.

  1. Luxury Gold Bridal Robe

It is perfectly acceptable to break from the traditional white wedding robes. The luxury silk-blend wrap will still be the center of attention. It is perfectly soft and stretchy to ensure maximum comfort on your big day. Its sophisticated, gold color will shine.


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