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VSI Effective Tips to Excel in the CA Intermediate Group 1 Subjects

Here are some actionable and practical tips for CA Intermediate Group 1 Subjects by VSI Jaipur that helped many students during their preparation. They definitely will also help you to achieve your desired CA Inter Result.

Below are tips for CA inter first-timers and repeaters because they both need different mindsets and preparation strategies.

VSI CA Inter Group 1 Subjects Tips for First-Timers

How Many Hours to Study?

When it comes to completing the CA Intermediate syllabus on time, it is the question that crosses in mind of every student. You may hear others saying they studied for 10-12 hours a day; some may say they have dedicated 7-8 hours to complete CA Intermediate Group 1 syllabus, while others may tell you they have studied hard for 14-15 hours. It is a question and matter which differs from student to student.

So, analyse your study capabilities and decide how much time you have to allocate for studies. Moreover, you also have to dedicate enough time for sleeping and excercise.

Create your Study Timetable

Just as study hours vary from candidate to candidate, the timetable also is different for students. The plan may suit one student but might not be feasible or convenient for others. You will find many timetables on the internet to cover there CA Intermediate syllabus, but it might not work for everyone. That is why it is necessary to create a timetable of your own. The timetable will help you to manage your time and will help you cover the topics accordingly.

Check the complete syllabus of CA Inter group 1 subjects, past year papers and exam pattern and then create a timetable for yourself. You must also get it reviewed by your teachers.

Create Handwritten Notes of each CA Inter Group 1 Subject

If you want to excel and score good marks in CA Intermediate exams, you must make handwritten notes of every topic in each subject. They are the best bet for students for many reasons. Handwritten notes in your own language will help you memorize things skillfully, which is beneficial while giving the exam. They offer better retention to gain presentation skills for the final exams.

Do Three Revisions and Practice Mock Tests

CA Intermediate course of group 1 subjects is vast, and students must make room for three revisions once they finish syllabus. The revision and mock test are necessary to get a better understanding and clarity on topics. Students must complete their syllabus on time and have space for three revisions before CA intermediate exams.

The more revision they do and take the mock test, the better. Keep a time of 60-70 days between completing your syllabus and exam. Try to do at least two revisions in this period and practice mock tests at least twice.

CA Intermediate Preparation Tips for Repeaters

If you are reading this, you probably haven’t given up yet, and are looking for a way to succeed this time. It tells about your willingness and dedication to be successful. Things we discussed in first-time tips also apply to you as well. But there is more. You have an experience that first timers don’t have. Use that experience and knowledge to your advantage while writing CA intermediate exam. And follow these tips as well-

  • If your planning and strategy didn’t work out the first or second time, you need to shake or alter things. Recognize what you did wrong or missed in previous CA Intermediate preparation. Maybe you didn’t do enough revision or made handwritten notes which helps during revision and exams.
  • Divert your focus from your strong subjects to weak ones. Those are the CA inter subjects you need to put extra effort into. You already know how to deal with your strong areas and learn to deal with tough topics.
  • If it is your beyond the second attempt, consider yourself a beginner. Start from the start. If your strategy for clearing CA Intermediate Group 1 Subjects failed twice, it might be missing fundamental things. Do not follow the same strategy and planning and ditch saying- “this is how I have been studying, and it works for me.” Instead, start fresh with a new mindset.

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