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3 Questions To Ask Before Booking a Wedding Transportation Service

Walking down the aisle to take your vows can be a momentous occasion in your life. You may be starry-eyed but you cannot afford to forget the necessities either. Consider having your mom and friends including the bridesmaids arrive in time. The best way to have the entire wedding party safe and sound at the venue is to consider a quality wedding transportation service.

Well, the appropriate transportation could be anything from a huge bus to a limo or a minivan. The chosen vehicle should be able to accommodate the right number of guests and ensure their comfort as well as safety without exception.  Trust the best possible service provider by making inquiries. However, self-promotion should not hold water. Look at the reviews of the concerned transportation company but rely the most on word-of-mouth endorsements.

Common FAQs related to wedding transportation service

  1. What is the best time for booking the service?

It is advisable to finalize the date and book the venues for the ceremony, and reception as well as consider the number of guests. You may want to inquire about the availability of transportation three to six months before the event. Remember that a spring wedding may increase the demand making you book the required vehicle even earlier. Sure, online reservations are in vogue but it is helpful to book the vehicle by checking it yourself i.e. in person.

  1. Which guests need transportation?

It is the immediate family and frail or elderly guests who deserve to be transported to the wedding venue. However, there are likely to be many guests who are eager to get a free ride. You have to draw the line at some point, however. You may also consider out-of-town visitors who are going to be at the venue for the experience. It is important to check the following points and provide transportation for guests according to to-

  • The distance– You may have to provide transportation for the chosen guests when the distance between the church marriage hall and the reception venue is located at a distance that takes more than half an hour to travel from one location to the other.
  • Location– Hosting the ceremony in a hard-to-find venue makes it advisable to offer pick-up services from the airport. The need is also felt when a majority of guests are going to arrive without a personal vehicle.
  • Special Needs– Transportation of aged relatives and friends who are unable to manage by themselves is mandatory. Special wheelchair-accessible transportation may be requested for elderly family members too.
  1. How to determine the time of arrival?

It is recommended to finalize your itinerary and take a test drive to determine the time. You may want to inform the chauffeur to be 15 minutes early at the venue to ensure that the guests are transported to the next place in time. The evening reception needs to begin at a specified hour so inform the guests and pick them up as required.

It is also imperative to check what is included in the wedding transportation service to ensure satisfaction.


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