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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Watercolor Tattoo Artist in Colorado Springs

Choosing the right tattoo artist is vital to bringing your vision to life. It’s crucial to research artists and look at their portfolios.

Look for an artist specializing in a few styles, like realism, sacred geometry, blackwork, script, dot work, and illustration. Ensure that the artist has the skill level to create your design.

Look for Experience

Watercolor tattoos require a lot of skill, and looking for an artist with experience with this style is essential. As with any tattoo, you risk regretting your decision later on if you choose an inexperienced artist.

The Phoenix, a mythical bird that emerges from the ashes, represents renewal and change. The tattoo features vibrant hues and is perfect for women who want to express their spirituality.

While some claim that watercolor tattoos don’t age well, this is unfounded. All tattoos fade over time, but you can ensure your watercolor tattoo will withstand time adequately. By keeping your tattoo out of direct sunlight and avoiding rubbing it against anything, you can extend its lifespan and minimize its fade.

Look for Reviews

A skilled watercolor tattoo artist Colorado Springs will carefully listen to and comprehend your preferences when getting a custom tattoo design. They will offer professional opinions based on experience and expertise, but the final decision is yours.

Watercolor tattoos can look incredible on darker skin tones. However, going to an artist with the knowledge and experience is crucial to create the desired effect. It’s important to note that the color in these tattoos may fade quicker than regular tattoos, so they’ll need special attention to maintain their appearance.

It means keeping it away from direct sunlight and using a quality CBD tattoo balm. To ensure the longevity of your watercolor tattoo, choose a location where it won’t be frequently rubbed against. It will prevent it from prematurely fading.

Look for Safety

While some claim that watercolor tattoos are a fad, it’s important to remember that these pieces can still have a lot of meaning. The key is finding an artist with experience with this type of work. It is because the techniques used in a watercolor piece differ from traditional tattooing. To create the desired effect, the artist must be proficient in fading, shades, runs, blurs, and bleeds.

This Belle tattoo is an excellent example of how bleeds, shading, and extra pigment dots can make a design look more like a watercolor painting. It also uses darker patches on the edges and overlapping colors to highlight the watercolor elements even more.

To ensure proper healing of your tattoo, following the aftercare instructions provided by your artist carefully is essential. It includes gently cleaning your tattoo twice daily and applying unscented glycerin.

Look for Value

Watercolor tattoos can look super watery and painted or more defined with outlines and coloring. It’s best to seek an artist specializing in the desired style to avoid a poor outcome instead of following the trend.

Flowers are a popular choice for watercolor tattoos, as they’re a soft and delicate option. They also can have a lot of meaning behind them, primarily when used for special occasions or memories.

The Phoenix is another powerful symbol that can be tattooed in this style. It represents life, death, and rebirth, which can be a great message for anyone who has struggled. It’s also beautiful to see this creature rise from the ashes as a representation of hope.

Look for Comfort

Watercolor tattoos are light and delicate, fading faster than other types. However, they can last for years with a careful placement (a spot that doesn’t get a lot of sun) and routine care.

Watercolors are an excellent choice for people who want a meaningful tattoo reminding them of their past experiences or personal growth. A feather tattoo, for instance, can represent strength and wisdom, while a phoenix can symbolize rebirth and recovery.

If you’re considering getting a watercolor tattoo, finding an artist specializing in this style is crucial. Make sure they have prior experience with watercolor tattoos and ask to see examples of their work.



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