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Add your Instagram and Facebook accounts to the same Accounts Center

A few years ago, Facebook, known as Meta, bought Instagram for $1 billion. This integration enables users to submit Instagram posts directly to their Facebook newsfeed (which appears on Facebook as a web link), unlike other social media integrations, such as Twitter.

Instagram and Facebook users can simultaneously link their profiles to publish photos and videos, saving time and exposing their material to both audiences. You will gain momentum and credibility across all your profiles if you get Instagram likes on Facebook.

When using the Instagram mobile app for Android and iOS, users can link only one Instagram account to a Facebook profile. However, integrating these two platforms allows users to reach a wider audience and boost their visibility. In addition, connecting an Instagram business profile to a Facebook account facilitates account recovery in account lockout.

Your Instagram account can be linked to your Facebook profile or page

  1. Launch Instagram
  2. You can access your profile picture by tapping it in the lower right corner
  3. Your profile’s three bars (hamburger menu) are in the upper-right corner. Select Settings.
  4. You can sign into Facebook with your login information by tapping the Accounts Center at the bottom and clicking on Set up Accounts Center.
  5. Select Sharing across profiles from the menu
  6. Add accounts by tapping Add
  7. Facebook will prompt you to confirm your account connection. Click continue and ensure the prompts/popups

Your content strategy is ready to be supercharged by sharing across platforms.

Linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts has many benefits

By connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you will be able to simplify your social media experience.

Here are some benefits:

  • Provides a broader audience with the information, which should increase “post view” counts for small businesses.
  • It is possible to upload material simultaneously to two social networking sites, saving time for users.
  • To display Instagram posts on a user’s Facebook timeline or Facebook business page.
  • It allows users to select which Instagram posts are displayed on Facebook, which might attract prospective Instagram followers UK from Facebook, thereby increasing Instagram’s audience.
  • Automatically uploads Instagram stories to Facebook

Remove the Facebook link from your Instagram account

Instagram and Facebook can be linked, but you may want to unlink them at some point. It would help if you did this through Instagram.

Following these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the profile icon
  • To access the menu, tap the hamburger icon
  • Select Settings from the menu
  • Scroll down and hit the Accounts Center icon.
  • Select Accounts and profiles
  • Instagram will then provide a list of connected accounts. Click on your Facebook profile.
  • Select Remove
  • At the popup, press Continue

If you have a private Instagram account, any posts you publish to other social networks, such as Facebook, will become public.

Managing your content calendar will be much easier now that you know how to link Instagram to Facebook. Posting on multiple platforms will allow you to easily reach a broader audience and share your content.


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