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7 Best VR Multiplayer Games That You Need To Know

Virtual reality games are entertaining, but what could be more entertaining than playing with friends?! VR Multiplayer games allow you to enjoy a great VR experience with friends, family, or complete strangers! The VR experience becomes more aesthetic when you play VR games in a VR park with your friends and family.

When you are playing a multiplayer game, it allows you to communicate with your friends and collaborate to win the game. Virtual reality makes this experience more fun and exciting. In this article, we will discuss the best VR multiplayer games that you should play. This way, you can immediately tell which games are enjoyable to play with your friends!

Best VR Multiplayer Games

When you think about VR games, the first thing that comes to mind is probably single-player. While there are many single-player games, there are also many multiplayer VR games. Multiplayer games allow you to play with your friends and family, which provides a unique kind of experience.

If you need to learn about different multiplayer games, then we are here to help you. We will discuss 8 popular multiplayer games that need to be played. They are the most popular games that you should play. Playing these games in VR theme parks with multiple people makes things more exciting. Sounds fun.

1. Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is unquestionably the most popular VR multiplayer game right now. This game was created by one person and has become a tremendous success. It’s a cross between tag and freerunning, with the added bonus of playing it all in VR!

The game’s graphics aren’t amazing, but the gameplay makes up for it. VRChat components may also be found in Gorilla Tag. You can get a lot done by playing fanatic tag, but you can chat with someone without moving too much. Do you want to play Gorila Tag with your friends but need VR setup? Then, book Play DXB Tickets and play Gorilla tag today with your friends!

2. STRIDE Multiplayer

STRIDE is a VR freerunning game in which you must complete a course as quickly as possible. STRIDE has an excellent ‘flow’ to its gameplay. It just feels great when you do a parkour perfectly.

The same approach applies to finishing a course in STRIDE Multiplayer, with the main distinction being that you may do it in competition with others. So you can no longer race yourself, but also compete with your friends!

3. Blaston

Blaston is ranked third on this list. Blaston is a popular game because of its basic concept: a one-on-one shootout in which you must escape shots while attempting to strike your opponents.

The game is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Play against strangers or friends: Blaston feels like a workout that is also enjoyable! It is also a fun and very exciting game, plus it helps you build strategies.


Anyone familiar with virtual reality is likely to be familiar with POPULATION: ONE. This game has also been referred to as the GTA of VR. ‘Hunt’ other players with your squad and strive to win.

The best part about POPULATION: ONE is that you can play it with your pals. Getting on a team together feels like you’re being pulled into the universe and trying everything you can to win. You can communicate with your friends so you can win and try not to become a loser.

5. Pavlov VR

Already an older game, but no less enjoyable: Pavlov VR is the creator of multiplayer first-person shooter VR games. Pavlov is similar to the popular video game Counter-Strike. In Pavlov, you battle alongside your squad to remove the other team.

You can begin in a random match, but doing this with your buddies is much more fun! Like in PUBG, you start a game with a random squad or your friend’s squad and try to win by killing all other squads.

6. The Forest

You are the sole survivor of an aircraft accident in The Forest. You crash amid the jungle and must struggle to stay alive for as long as possible. You accomplish this through creating things, exploring, and, in certain situations, battling for your life.

You do not need to be afraid to play The Forest. The game is a first-person horror survival game, so wearing a VR headset makes it much scarier. Fortunately, you can also play it online with buddies, making it much less terrifying!

7. Star Wars: Squadrons

This is every Star Wars fan’s dream: you get to work as a starfighter pilot and fly an X-wing or TIE-fighter jet in Squadrons. You go to fight in the cosmos with your friends (squadron)! You try to win using fighter jets and ads more fun with VR while flying it.

Star Wars: Squadrons is a one-player-only game. But also online, either with or against one another. Invite your buddies to participate in the most epic battle ever! Do you want to play Star Wars: Squadrons VR game? Do you have VR setup? If you don’t, then you can play this VR theme park. So, book your tickets and play different VR multiplayer games today!

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Playing multiplayer games is a fun, exciting experience with your friends and family. VR concepts add more value to this experience. Playing a multiplayer VR game will allow you to feel the game characters near you. Do you want to play the above-listed VR multiplayer games but need a VR setup? Then book your play DXB tickets today and have exciting fun.

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