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Bhrigu Lake trek – Amazing Trekking Adventure

Major Attractions


Bhrigu Lake


Without a doubt, this is the trek’s main draw. The lake is located in a stunning area surrounded by mountains and vegetation on all sides. The lake’s water seems crystal clear when the sun is setting or rising, and you may use your cameras to capture the reflection of the snow-covered mountains on the water. Sit by the lake and enjoy the peace while the sights and sounds of nature surround you.

Bless your eyes with mesmerizing views of mountain ranges like the Dhauladhar Range, the Seven Sisters, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba. On your four-day walk to Bhrigu Lake and return, take in the unmatched spectacular mountain views.


A Fun Snow Experience


Snow can be encountered as early as the second day of the actual journey. Rola Kholi’s snow-covered landscapes provide fantastical and dreamlike images to wake up to. It is as beautiful during the Winter months when the lake is slightly frozen.


Level of Difficulty

The Bhrigu lake trek takes far less time than the majority of the other excellent treks in Kullu-Manali that lead to mountain summits or lakes. Bhrigu Lake can be reached in three days without putting too much load on your legs! Hence, you can easily enjoy this short lake trek.


Best time to visit

Trekking to Bhrigu Lake is possible from May through October. However, since rain leaves the area susceptible to landslides, the best time to travel to this picturesque location is before the monsoon arrives in mid-July.


This Lake experiences summertime temperatures that range from 20 to 25°C during the day and 5 to 7°C at night. Wintertime temperatures range from 10 to 15°C during the day and drop to below zero at night. Travelers can enjoy seeing snow even in the early summers because the lake stays frozen for nearly six months.


Why should you plan for the Bhrigu Lake trek?


Here are the top reasons you absolutely must cross off the Bhrigu lake trek from your bucket list:

  • Spectacular beauty

It should go without saying that this journey is among the most breathtaking in Kullu Manali’s Western Himalayas. Mighty mountains, lush meadows, numerous white-water streams, lush forests, and a lake – it seems like all of nature’s best sights have been packed into one walk!

You will get to experience this bunch of spectacular beauty in just one run and the trek will give you a sweet lifetime experience.


  • Amazing camping sights

On the Bhrigu lake trek, you pass through amazing camping locations on your route to Bhrigu Lake. One of the most gorgeous camping areas is located in the meadows of Pandu Ropa and Rola Kholi, which offer breathtaking views of the snow-covered Himalayan highlands.


  • Beginner friendly

The walk to Bhrigu Lake, which is situated at a height of about 4200 meters, is regarded as a positive experience for aspiring trekkers because it is neither too difficult nor too simple. Trekkers also get to encounter high altitudes at elevations of more than 4000 meters. As this trek comes under a moderate-level trek trip, amateurs or beginners can go for this trek and experience the majestic glamor of the Himalayas and the Bhrigu lake.


  • Lots of snow

Typically, snow covers the mountain’s summit until the second week of June. Therefore, if you schedule your walk for this time of year, you will see a white blanket covering the mountaintop and temperatures that drop well below zero at night. So, if you want to enjoy the snow and the snowy surrounding, then make sure to plan your trek before the end of June.


  • Witness the beauty of the frozen lake

Up until the first two weeks of June, Bhrigu Lake is still frozen. All of it is white and covered with snow, with a few isolated areas of frozen blue. And there are no words to capture the sensation of sitting by a frozen lake. The frozen lake and the snow-covered surrounding will put you in awe giving you a mesmerizing and memorable holiday time.



Bhrigu Lake trek is an amazing trekking adventure through the lush green meadows with the beautiful and majestic snow-capped Himalayan mountains at the backdrop. This is a trekking experience that will depart you with loads of lifetime memories.



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