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Choosing the right exhibition stand size

Determining the right size for an exhibition stand can be tricky yet essential for your overall success of the exhibition. Lot many factors affect the decision for choosing the size of an exhibition booth. It’s a challenge for custom trade show booth manufacturers to come up with unique ideas for creating a booth with space constraints. While one may consider it an easy task to determine the right size for the exhibition stand, thoughtful consideration can work wonders for your exhibition. Remember, your booth is the first thing that your attendees would be looking at, so maintaining the aesthetics in your design is an important factor to be attended to. You can expect to generate a very good ROI if you give a chance to all intricacies of your exhibition.

 Just choosing the right corner for your exhibition is not sufficient for your overall success in the exhibition, a lot depends on how your attendees feel about your booth. It matters a lot if your exhibition booth can grab the attention of attendees and a design creative enough to be remembered post-show. Trade show booth design ideas certainly help to boost your performance during the show but the primary criterion is choosing the right size for your exhibition booth.

Several factors help to determine the right size for your exhibition stand.

The exhibition type

Determining what type of exhibition you are participating in is the first step in choosing the right size. If you are planning to exhibit at a high-profile expo your requirements for your booth will differ when you are exhibiting for a small expo. You have to do a small research about the fair and what all companies have previously participated in the fair. Check out the images to figure out the type of trade show booth design that has been used. You will get an idea of what all companies you will be competing with. If this is not the first time you are exhibiting at the fair then, a little research will help you figure out the areas of improvement that are needed for the next show.

Your budget

The second step towards choosing the right size is your budget. Analyze your overall goals and objectives that you wish to obtain through the exhibition and decide upon the budget for your booth. Spending a huge amount on the booth design by disturbing your budget is not a very good idea. If you want to go for a high-end design to stand at par with your competitors, consider rental options for your booth if it suits your budget and overall situation. Trade show booth design companies are offering great services from reasonable prices for highly innovative booths to giving an option for booth rentals. Keeping your budget constraint in check will help you give a good ROI.

Exhibition stand design ideas

After you have decided upon the budget you can move to the next step of making a list of the exhibition stand ideas. What and how do you wish to exhibit? What products do you want to showcase? The space required for your exhibition stand ideas will decide what size you would like to have for your booth. If you want to include some playful activities to engage your audience or are planning to have a small seating arrangement for your attendees, your requirement of the stand size will be more than if you wish to exhibit in a booth highlighting your brand and incorporating creative ideas like projections, virtual walls interactive floor, and beacons and even smaller would be needed for a functional and simple design.  

Location and Space Size

The next step towards choosing the size for your exhibition stand will be the location and space size available on the exhibition floor. There are several ideas available for choosing the best location for your exhibition stand on the exhibition floor. Your stand design cannot cross the dimensions of the space available and chosen by you on the exhibition floor. There are a variety of stand designs available for all kinds of exhibit ideas.

Triumfo offers a wide range of stands including custom stands, modular stands, double-decker stands, country pavilions, portable stands, and more.

You may choose the stand type according to your need and exhibition design ideas to be implemented.

Manpower and Time

An important criterion to consider is the time taken to assemble your stand. If you have a complicated stand design it will require more manpower and time for assembling than the normal functional stand. You will need more space if you wish to implement a complicated idea into your booth. Your stand represents your brand image at the exhibition. If you are a renowned company then you will have certain expectations from the audience about how grand your booth design should be. Consider all parameters before deciding the size of your exhibition booth.


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