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Collection of Bridesmaid Robes

In the lead up to their wedding, it is a tradition for brides to gift their bridesmaids gifts. Bridal gowns are the most popular gift for bridesmaids. The purchase decision for a bride is easy.

As you can see, not all Bridal Robes look the same. The selection is vast and you can make many decisions when shopping for bride and maid robes.

Here are seven key things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the perfect bridesmaid robes and the perfect bridal gown.

  1. COST

Robes can be as cheap as $20, or as expensive as $200. It is best to be clear about how much you will spend on robes prior to you start to fall in love. However, remember that not all robes are equal in quality.

High quality bridesmaid robes can be found at the lower end of this spectrum from many online retailers. Also, you may find great deals when ordering in bulk. If you require more than two hands for counting your bridesmaids make sure you get a per robe discount.

  1. STYLE

Shop for the bridesmaids robe in three styles. These styles are listed in order from most common to least.

Spa Robes. Spa robes have been the undisputed champions for wedding parties. They are made from soft cotton and come in one size.

Wrap Robes. Wrap robes have a more tailored look than spa robes. They’re typically made of a lighter, thinner fabric like polyester. Some bridal robes claim to be made of silk. This is rarely true. Remember to avoid robes made of rayon and acetate. These robes can easily wrinkle and need dry cleaning.

Kimono Robes. Kimonorobes recently gained a lot of attention. They provide a nice compromise between wrap and spa robes. They have the full sleeves of spa robes with a tailored fit through the body like wrap robes.

There are many options when it comes choosing the right style for your bridesmaid robes. Spa robes will be the most accommodating and gentle for all body types. Wrap and kimonorobes are a little more glamorous in pictures. It’s all about you and what you are most passionate about.


It is not a good idea to have a wedding robe so long that it drags along the ground. Also, a robe that covers only half of her backside is unacceptable. However, it is better to be longer than shorter when in doubt. When cinched with the belt, robes will become shorter. If your robes are not long enough, you will see that your bridesmaids have to wear pants or some other coverage beneath the robe.

From the neck down to the bottom hem, robes must be at 32 inches. An average size small measures between 32-33 inches and a large is between 33-34 inches. This is why it is important to not go smaller than this, especially when you grow into larger sizes.

  1. COLOR

You need to strike a delicate balance when choosing a bridal and bridesmaid dress. You want to give a gift that can be used over and over again, something that your bridesmaids are going to wear long after the wedding. Bridal robes should look great in wedding day photographs.

When selecting robe colors, try to keep it as neutral and consistent as possible. Look for colors that will work well with your wedding colors while not being too bold or unusual for long-term use. It doesn’t matter if you choose one or two colors. Some brides may select one print for their bridesmaids. Others might choose another one for their house party members.


The basic features of a wedding robe are not difficult to find, but you will want to pay attention. Pockets are very helpful for the bride and her bridesmaids as well as others who wear robes.

Belt loops for the robe are also a useful feature. You can keep everything in its place by using belt loops to secure the sash. While you’re looking at different options for robes, read the reviews of other brides. They can tell you if sashes are too short or too tight, if belt loops don’t work, or if pockets are too small.


While embroidery for your bride and bridalmaids robes can be done in a variety of ways, it is often the monogram that makes them unique and meaningful gifts. Some brides opt to monogram initials. Other brides might choose to go with first names only.

You can have “bride” sewn onto your robe. Or you can go for titles such “mother of the groom” or “maid to honor” for those in your group. You want your wedding party’s robes to last long enough to be worn again and again. It is worth mentioning that initials and names make the robes more durable.


This is where it gets fun. It’s a good idea to have slippers or sandals that match the robes. You can still wear sandals or slippers long after the wedding.

Jewellery, hair ties and clips are some other accessories you could pair with your wedding robes. You don’t have the right accessories, but you do have options.


It’s no surprise that robes are the most popular gift for bridesmaids on the way to their weddings. There are many reasons. You can find these wedding day robes here:

Comfortable: It’s important to feel comfortable on your big day.

Flattering: Robes are also very flattering, especially spa-robes. When a professional photographer is present, it’s nice that you can wear something flattering.

Convenient: You can wear your wedding robe while doing your hair and makeup.


Your bridesmaids will be investing a lot time, energy, money, and effort in the wedding. They are happy to help you. A gift like a bridesmaid’s robe is the best way for you to say “thank you” to your girls and let them know how much they are appreciated.

The rest of the task is up to you. An option for bridesmaids that includes a robe is to include it in a bouquet of other gifts.


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