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Digital Marketing – what is digital and why you should use it?

Advantages of digital marketing – is it worth switching from traditional media to the online version?

Digital Marketing, also known as online marketing, is about promoting brands to connect with potential customers through the internet and other forms of digital communication.

This includes email, social media, online advertising, and text and multimedia messages.

Especially in the era of the digital revolution, more and more companies rely on online advertising. What are the advantages of digital marketing over offline advertising? Is it worth switching from traditional media to the online version?

The measurability of digital marketing

One of the most significant advantages of internet marketing is its measurability. Thanks to advertising in the newspaper, we are sure that it will reach potential customers. But who guarantees that it will be read?

Although it is tough to determine the success rate here, you can accurately assess how many people saw your ad online. In addition, it is possible to track, analyze and optimize the entire visitor behavior, from the contact itself to the finalization of the user’s purchase.

This is made possible by analyzing the sales funnel. The customer journey, i.e., the journey from the first-page opening to the desired destination, is analyzed in detail.

This allows the advertiser to detect and optimize any issues. Suppose the funnel analysis shows, for example, that an above-average number of users canceled the ordering process during the payment process. In that case, it is reasonable to assume that the payment options do not correspond to the customer’s wishes.

Additional payment options may be considered at this point. Form analysis shows that many visitors did not purchase because they did not want to provide a phone number. Here, it would be in the seller’s interest to remove the relevant field or mark the information as optional.

Digital marketing is scalable.

In addition, Digital Marketing Company Birmingham can optimally align the number of searches with the available budget. As a rule, small companies have fewer funds for a campaign than corporations. However, they can also tailor the available funds to their needs to generate maximum profit.

Many companies first invest in search engine optimization, then launch search engine advertising and affiliate marketing channels. Conventional offline advertising needs to afford the enormous flexibility that advertisers gain as a result.

The reach of digital marketing

While conventional advertising measures are often only visible in a specific region, online marketing has the potential to reach Internet users – anytime, anywhere. This vast reach offers decisive advantages, especially for multinational companies, as their potential customers come worldwide. Local or regional customers can advertise only in a specific region.

Freedom of design and flexible use of media

In print media, the information presented is usually limited to a combination of text and images. Internet marketing offers much more possibilities. Interactive advertisements, unique promotional videos, and the integration of sound elements affect all users’ senses and encourage them to buy. In this way, the advertiser can be sure that his advertising message is perceived consciously and remembered. Using various media, you can stand out from the crowd and explain complex issues clearly and clearly.

Target groups

The possibility of directly targeting Internet marketing to specific target groups should also be particularly emphasized. Since users leave their personal information everywhere – for example, in their Google account or Facebook profile – advertisers can use this to target a specific group of people.

Internet Marketing in the Age of Digitization

Traditional print media also has many advantages. Unlike digital marketing, they don’t have to deal with blockers blocking ads. There is also no risk of advertising messages being sorted as unread or disappearing into the spam folder. (Birmingham based Digital Marketing Firm)However, in the era of increasing digitization, companies should increasingly rely on digital marketing to best present their content to customers.

Digital marketing examples

Examples of digital marketing include:

• Social Media Marketing (SMM)

• Search engine optimization, website positioning (SEO)

• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

• Email marketing.

• Marketing automation.

• Digital advertising.

• Content marketing.

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