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The Growing Need for Lifeguard Recertification Classes

The Growing Need for Lifeguard Recertification Classes 

Being a lifeguard is an important and rewarding job, but with great responsibility comes the need for ongoing training. As the summer season ramps up, more public pools, beaches and waterparks around the country are looking to hire qualified lifeguards. 

At the same time, many current lifeguards will need to complete mandatory recertification classes to renew their licenses. This is where companies like American Lifeguard Events have really stepped up to meet growing demand. They offer regularly scheduled lifeguard recertification classes throughout the year near major metropolitan areas.

Why Recertification Is Important

Most lifeguard recertification near me only valid for 2 years, with some agencies requiring annual recertification. There are good reasons for this – best practices for lifesaving and first aid are constantly evolving. New skills and drills are developed, as well as changes to policies and procedures.

Remaining certified helps ensure lifeguards have the most up-to-date training to spot emergencies quickly and act decisively when seconds count. Drowning can occur silently in just a few minutes, so guards must be sharp and prepared to execute rescues flawlessly. Recertification classes reinforce vital techniques and keep guards from developing bad habits.

Constant Improvement

Like any other profession, the techniques and best practices for lifeguarding are constantly evolving. New research, skills and drills are developed regularly based on real-world experiences and data. Recertification classes from American Lifeguard Events keep guards abreast of the latest policies, first aid advances, and supervisory strategies proven to save lives. Staying up-to-date ensures they never rely on outdated or even dangerous methods from their initial training days.

Prevent Bad Habits

During recert exams, instructors carefully assess guards’ proficiency in skills like in-water rescues, CPR and spinal injury management. This helps catch and correct any flaws before they become engrained habits. Even experienced lifeguards can start to take shortcuts or relax their focus without regular evaluation and skills practice. American Lifeguard Events classes catch issues early to maintain safety standards.

Renew Vigilance

Guarding swimmers requires intense focus and readiness for long shifts under a hot sun. Recert ensures lifeguards don’t become complacent in their surveillance abilities over time. Their training reinforces how quickly dangers can develop, keeping guards proactively vigilant for potential hazards and able to spring into action at a moment’s notice. American Lifeguard Events recert classes help invigorate this renewed and renewed commitment to awareness.

Convenient Class Locations

One thing that sets American Lifeguard Events apart is their commitment to offering recert classes near major population centers. Rather than requiring travel to a central training facility, they bring instruction to local communities.

For example, classes are held in venues throughout Miami, Austin, San Diego, Seattle and other growing metro regions. This convenient locations save guards from having to take time off work or away from family for extended commutes. It makes maintaining credentials as easy as possible.

Comprehensive Training

During a full-day recertification session with American Lifeguard Events, participants will:

Review first aid procedures for injuries like fractures, bleeding wounds, burns and more.

Practice CPR skills on full-sized mannequins to demonstrate proficiency.

Refresh their ability to perform in-water rescues from the side and from a boat or pier.

Demonstrate clear decision making scenarios like patron supervision, weather emergencies and injury response plans.

Discuss any policy changes from their certifying agency to stay compliant.

Receive documentation proving completion to present to their employer.

Many large waterparks and resorts will only hire guards with certification from specific training agencies. American Lifeguard Events is approved to provide recertification through Red Cross, Ellis & Associates and other leading organizations.

Investing in Safety

For facilities that employ lifeguards, budgeting for ongoing staff development should be a top priority. Sending employees to a professional service like American Lifeguard Events ensures they are retaining the critical judgment and skills expected in an emergency situation.

It can ultimately save thousands in liability costs down the road by reducing injury incidents and preventing loss of life. For individuals, maintaining credentials opens more job opportunities and career advancement at aquatics centers nationwide.

How Recertification Keeps Lifeguards Sharper and Safer

As the old saying goes – if you don’t use it, you lose it. For lifeguards, maintaining proficiency in their water safety skills is crucial, which is why recertification is taken so seriously. American Lifeguard Events understands why continuous training through recert classes is absolutely vital for public and individual protection. Here are a few key reasons why lifeguards must challenge themselves with each renewal:

Motivation to Excel

While new certifications involve intense multi-day courses, recertification provides busy lifeguards with focused mini-refreshers to look forward to. Knowing they’ll be tested inspires guards to keep practicing rescue techniques and conditioning on their own time. It reinforces their dedication to performing at the highest level when on duty.

Catch Early Decline

Constant stress and long hours can gradually erode even an expert’s abilities if not addressed. Recertification ensures slight declines in areas like stamina, reaction speed or stress management get identified before becoming hazardous. Instructors provide individual feedback so guards can adjust accordingly and get back to peak form.

Adapt to Change

Conditions at pools and beaches evolve regularly with new features, patron demographics and safety risks to adapt standard operating procedures. Recert classes update policies to handle variable situations appropriately, whether its weather emergencies, crowd control or first aid resource management. Guards stay prepared for what they may encounter.

Build Confidence

While experience provides comfort over time, recertification restores confidence for lifeguards by allowing them to demonstrate skills have been maintained according to strict standards. Passing recert exams under the watchful eyes of American Lifeguard Events instructors reassures guards and their supervisors that high-quality performance will continue

In Summary

The need for qualified lifeguards grows with the hot summer months, American Lifeguard Events is making recertification simpler and more accessible than ever before. Their convenient local classes are an important investment for both public pools and guards to sharpen skills that can save lives.


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