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High School Varsity Jackets – Your Ultimate Styling Guide

High school varsity jackets have been a hot trend in every era not just because they represent your school pride. In fact, they are also loved because they are truly a style statement. Moreover, varsity jackets are versatile; this means you can style them in uncountable ways. From formal to edgy, the options are endless. If you just got your hands on your varsity jacket, you may be wondering: what’s the perfect way to style it? Well, here is a detailed guide for you on how to style your varsity jacket in the best, most appealing way.

How Were the First-Ever High School Varsity Jackets Styled?

So, the answer to this is quite interesting because the first-ever high school varsity jackets were not actually jackets; they were sweaters. Yes, that’s right! The famous varsity jackets worn by the Harvard baseball team in 1865 were actually pullover sweaters. The jackets started evolving into how they look today during the 1900s. Initially, they were made of wool with leather sleeves and chenille letters. These jackets are popular because they showcase students’ achievements. 

Did You Know? Not all the students were allowed to embroider letters on their jackets. Only those with exceptional performance could do it.

A Comprehensive Guide to Styling High School Varsity Jackets

As aforementioned, you can style your varsity jacket any way you want. You can style it for sports events, academic events, and even for daily wear. Although there are no hard and fast rules, the varsity jacket styling trends keep evolving with time. Plus, you can wear them any time of the year – most times of the year. Despite having a free hand, do you still wonder how to style your jacket? Well, don’t worry; here is a comprehensive styling guide for you:

  • Academic & Athletic Events

Let’s start with the basics! Well, we all know varsity jackets are made to be worn in sports or academic events. After all, they represent school pride and showcase your dedication toward your goals. Whether you are an academic star or a sports hero, styling your jacket the right way is important. But how do you do it? Well, the key is: don’t overdo it! If you are a player, you can simply wear it over your jersey. However, if you are attending the match just to support your team, you can wear it over a plain white tee and any pants of your choice. For footwear, again, don’t overdo it; pair your outfit with a pair of sneakers. 

  • Styling it The Timeless Way

You can style high school varsity jackets in any way. However, the most elegant way is to keep it traditional. Black jeans and varsity jackets are just made for each other. And this is a combination that looks good on everyone. You can add black or white lace shoes to complete your look. You can minimally accessorize your look to zhuzh it up a bit while keeping everything effortless. The best part about this look is that it fits most standard dress codes. So, if you don’t want to break the rules and still stand out with your look, this one is a must-try. 

  • Incorporating Street Fashion

Streetwear has taken the world of fashion by storm. There is no fashion trend left that’s not influenced by it, including high school varsity jackets. Why so? Because celebrities have made it a hot trend. Every other day a celebrity or two gets out in the streets wearing edgy, bold, and impressive varsity jacket outfits. Moreover, they mostly incorporate their jacket into their street style outfit to make a statement – and it works every time. We have so many iconic looks worn by celebrities. From Taylor Swift flaunting her jacket with a pair of shorts to Rihanna wearing it with large hoops and a graphic tee, the list is endless.

You can take inspiration from these celebs or create your own style – the sky is the limit! Pair it with anything you want, from hoodies to skirts to thigh-high boots and whatnot. You choose anything, from plain tees to outrageous pants.

Fashion Moments to Remember! The most iconic varsity jacket moment has to be when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson wore a red varsity jacket in the music video of Thriller.
  • Styling for Different Seasons

Did you know that you can wear your high school varsity jackets every season? Yes, that’s right! Here is how you can style them for different weathers.

Styling for Summer

Because they are usually made of wool, most people think it’s only for the cold weather. However, you can style them for every weather, hot or cold. Yes, for the hot weather too! However, for summers you have to play smart. You can wear them as an outerwear for the evening events. The key is to balance them out with cotton innerwear and breathable pants and voila – you are all set to stand out. Don’t let the weather decide what you wear; beat the heat with smart styling.

Styling for Winters

Undoubtedly, high school varsity jackets are one of the most versatile winterwear. After all, they are responsible to protect you from the cold. Moreover, they are usually made of wool or leather – the perfect cold protectant fabrics. You can pair these jackets with your favorite sweatshirts and a pair of jeans to make a statement. However, if the weather is too cold, you can even wear a hoodie underneath. For footwear, you can wear long boots or lace shoes.

Ending Thoughts!

You can style high school varsity jackets in so many ways. From pairing it with something outrageous to something plain and decent, the choices are endless. Also, you can wear your jacket with pride to just any event you want, from athletic to academic and even formal events. And here is the good news: you can wear your jacket in all weathers. You just need to play smart with what you wear under it.


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