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Organic White Tea – Everything You Should Know About It

Sweet, subtle, and refreshing – organic white tea is a must-try for tea lovers. Why so? What is the reason behind its popularity? Well, first of all, it soothes your mind and relaxes your body in a way no other tea can.  So, it’s definitely a worthwhile addition to your collection. Still, wondering whether or not you should buy white tea? We have your back! Here is a comprehensive guide about everything you need to know about this tea. Read along to find out about its history, flavors, different types, and more.

What is White Tea?

Organic white tea is popular because it is delicate and minimally processed. Just like any other tea types, white tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. However, what makes it different is that the tea leaves are picked before they open and have fine white hair on them. In other words, white tea consists of the youngest growth of leaves on the tea plant.

Did You Know? White tea gets its name from the fine white hair on the tea leaves it comprises of.

Where is White Tea Grown?

Organic white tea is mainly harvested for a few weeks of spring in Fujian, China. However, this is not the only place where white tea is grown. In fact, countries with similar climates also grow and harvest white tea, including:

  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan

History of Organic White Tea

Let’s go back in time to discuss the rich history of organic white tea. Just like all other teas, the origin of this tea is also China. And most references indicate that the discovery of white tea happened during the Imperial Dynasties. The earliest references trace back to the Tang Dynasty while many believe that white tea rose to popularity in the Song Dynasty. During the early times, white tea used to come in cakes. People used to break them into pieces and then brew them. 

How is Organic White Tea Processed?

The white tea we have today undergoes minimal processing. This is why its flavors are so delicate and refreshing. Unlike other teas, white tea doesn’t undergo a long list of steps. So, they maintain their original flavors. Here is the process white tea undergoes:

  • Harvesting
  • Withering
  • Oxidation
  • Drying
  • Sorting
  • Packaging

The end result is a fabulous ready-to-brew tea that you can enjoy any time of the day. Knowing that the secret behind this symphony of flavors lies in the tea production process, your experience becomes even more enjoyable.

Why Organic White Tea is a Must-Try?

If you are a tea lover looking for new flavors, add organic white tea to your list. After all, it is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Moreover, this tea is so popular because of its exciting flavor profile. The delicacy in taste, mouthfeel, and aroma comes from its minimal processing method. Also, this tea is better in quality as compared to other teas. And don’t worry, you won’t miss out on your daily dose caffeine because white tea also contains caffeine.

Here is why you should try white tea:

  • Nuanced Flavors
  • Premium Aroma
  • Health Benefits


Types of Organic White Tea You Should Try

White teas are surely a great addition to your tea collection. New to white teas? Don’t know which one to buy? When you begin to search for the right tea for your taste palate, you must know what the market has to offer. And when it comes to white tea, the options are pretty diverse. You can check out Backyard Brew: Premium White Teas. Here are some of the top organic white tea options you can explore:

  • Silver Needle (Baihao Yinzhen)

This tea is popular for its deliciously premium taste. Made from leaves that are not fully opened, Silver Needle tea has a pale golden color. It’s medium-bodied (mildly strong) and gives off a fruity aroma. Now, let’s talk about the flavor profile – which is quite interesting. Silver Needle Tea offers fruity, sweet notes. Also, the aftertaste is floral. Moreover, this tea is not super strong. So, if you are looking for something refreshing yet mild, this one is the right choice. The best part is that this tea has calming effects on both your body and mind. 

  • White Peony (Bai Mudan)

This premium white tea is surely a worthwhile experience. It consists silvery buds along with the leaves that define its flavor and aroma. Clear golden in color, this tea offers a fruity taste and is mildly sweet. What’s more, its aroma is quite refreshing. And has the power to transcend your senses to a state of calm and peace. Want to enjoy your cup of White Peony to the fullest? Well, add a little bit of lemon to amp up its taste. In other words, this tea is light and offers nuanced flavors – making it a must-try.

  • Long Life Eyebrow

A fun fact about life long eyebrow: it usually consists of leaves that are considered unsuitable to be harvested for Silver Needle or White Peony. Many people think that this compromises the security of this tea but believe me, it doesn’t. In fact, this tea is known for its uplifting, fresh, bold flavors. Many tea enthusiasts say that its aroma resembles that of Chinese Mushrooms. It’s mildly sweet, offering a floral earthy taste. Moreover, it comes with several health benefits too. It’s good for your heart and liver, improves metabolism, and supports weight loss. Moreover, the antioxidants in it make it anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.

Ending Thoughts!

If you are bored of sipping on your regular blends and want to try something new, here’s what you need: white tea. Why white tea? Because it’s going to expand your taste palate with its nuanced flavors. Moreover, this tea goes through minimal processing. This is what makes it different from other tea blends. Undoubtedly, white tea is the royalty of all teas. It’s delicate, discerning, and delightful. 


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