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Kuari Pass trek: all you need to know about the himalayan trek


The Kuari Pass trek draws hundreds of adventure seekers from all over the world and is one of the most captivating trekking routes in the Indian Himalayan region. This remarkable journey is known as the Lord Curzon Trek because it is said that Lord Curzon, the former Viceroy of India, investigated it. Auli, an incredible skiing destination, is not far from Kuari Pass Trek, which is delightfully tucked away in the Garhwal Himalaya range.

A charming village close to Joshimath, the gathering place for pilgrims and trekkers, Tapovan is where the four to six day easy-moderate trek begins.

Location of the Kuari Pass Trek

The trek is one of the most exciting trekking locations in India, drawing adventurers from all over the world. It is tucked away beautifully close to the vast Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. The Kuari Pass, known for its breathtaking natural grandeur, is situated in the heart of one of the Garhwal Himalayas’ most beautiful areas. The entrance to the formidable, once-impassible Rishi Gorge may be found directly below the valley.

History of the Kuari Pass Trek

Bill Tilman, Eric Shipton, and Lord Curzon used this path during their groundbreaking studies of the area in 1905, making this amazing walk famous. This is why the journey is also known as the Lord Curzon Trek; it is thought that the trail was renovated expressly for his hiking expedition and is quite well-known among travellers from North America and Europe.

The Best Things About the Kuari Pass Trek

Experience the breathtaking views of the towering mountain peaks Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Chitrakantha, and Tali top.

The trip takes you through conifer, oak, rhododendron, and birch forests that are extremely dense. Thus, completing the Kuari Pass trip gives you the chance to see rare wildlife such as Himalayan Black Bears, leopard pugmarks, and a wide range of bird species.

This trip offers breathtaking views of the Rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda.

The second-highest mountain summit, Nanda Devi, offers a trekker tranquillizing views as well.

Reasons to consider the Kuari Pass Trek

A different shade of the spectacular scenery, including vibrant meadows, rose rhododendrons, and shimmering lakes, opens up before your eyes on each climb. The majestic mountain peaks may be seen from Kuari Pass in stunning fashion. As you rise to this captivating, you have the ideal opportunity to discover Auli, a thrilling skiing destination in the winter.

Winter journey to Kuari Pass: This trek is equally well-liked by hikers and offers hypnotic scenic beauty when the meadows are covered in thick blankets of snow and the shimmering frozen lakes.

Ways to Get Here

The closest accessible location to this thrilling walk is thought to be Haridwar. To learn more about how to get to Kuari Pass Trek, keep reading the pages.

By Air

The closest airport to Haridwar is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is serviced by frequent flights from several of the nation’s major cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. To get to Haridwar from the airport, hire a taxi or cab.

via train

The city of Haridwar features a railway station that is well connected to other significant Indian towns, particularly Delhi. If tickets for Haridwar are unavailable, one can also go to Rishikesh Railway Station.

When to Schedule a Kuari Pass Trek

Although Kuari Pass is a year-round destination, it is best to visit during the summer and winter months. Booking an adventure trip to Kuari Pass during the monsoon season is not advised.

Summertime weather conditions

Summer, which begins in April and lasts through June, is the best time to organise your Kuari Pass Trek. The walk is made more delightful and hassle-free by the peaceful and pleasant climate. The days are warm, but as nighttime approaches, the temperature begins to fall, making it challenging to stay comfortable in summer attire. Therefore, it is strongly advisable that hikers bring light wool clothing in order to deal with the cold.

Climate during the Monsoon

It is best to avoid scheduling the Kuari Pass trip during the monsoon season because the terrain becomes too slick and difficult for hikers.

Weather Conditions in the Winter

Covering this strenuous walk is a terrific idea for you if you are prepared to endure the bone-chilling cold. However, during this time of year, climbing up high terrain can be quite challenging for a novice. We also suggest the trekkers to bring heavy wool clothing and sturdy shoes for this exciting adventure vacation.

Advice and Techniques to Use

For advice on how to keep healthy, safe, and secure while on this adventure vacation, see the points below.

You are advised not to drink alcohol or smoke because trekking requires a balanced body. You must have proper control of your body. Remember that losing control of your body could result in a catastrophic event.

Since there aren’t many medical facilities at such heights, a traveller will need to pack their medication in their luggage.

Carry a nice pair of hiking boots that fit you well and have a good grip because uncomfortable mountain hiking will hinder your entire trip.

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