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How to Create A Professional Author Website Design? A Complete Guide

A good website design is a very crucial tool for an author in this modern era because every kind of business or work needs a website to promote themselves in the world. Every writer needs an interesting website design which allows them to set a boundary and possess their own little spot on the internet. A website design is an excellent way for authors to introduce their work to the world. A website design serves as a platform for authors where the audience comes to discover more material and information about their writing profession. 

A good website design gets powerful with time and connects you directly with your audience or readers and also assists you to directly sell your books through the platform of e-commerce. A website also becomes a portal for your target audience to contact you, share their analysis or reviews, ask questions about your content and communicate with other audiences. There are various motives that an author website design provides, comprising the main objective of progressing an accurate perspective in the industry, even if it is in the world of creative writing or self empowerment books. As a script writer or author, you have to create a website design because your brand is your business and without an interesting website design you are basically indiscernible.

When you are creating an author website, you have to face some complexities because there are numerous decisions you have to make about the style of the website, its basic functions and navigation. While creating an author website design you have to choose wisely the color tone, font style and spacing that clearly expresses your brand. 

There are following steps which are helpful for creating an website design,

1.  Select a domain name:-

When you are creating a website design for an author, you have to focus on one thing which is a domain name. It is a URL of your website and that is a .com, .net, .org, etc that the audience will enter in their browser to go to your website. Most of the authors use their book title or book’s main character as a domain name but if you want to create an engrossing website design you should use their own name as a domain name. In the coming years, your writing style is going to be changed because your thinking and point of views change with time but the one thing that remains constant is your name. 

So, you must create your author website design around your name. you should choose a domain name that is closely related to your name that expresses your personality in the best possible manner and also will be simply found while searching on the internet by your target audience. You should also keep in mind not to use symbols in your name because it makes your title repulsive and be alert with these because it may divert the attention of your people and you may lose traffic.

2.  Select a website creator to create your author’s website:-

A website builder is an appropriate way to build a website rapidly without investing too much money or time. A website builder is a site where you can design and modify the outline and content of your author website design. Nowadays, creating a website design is a piece of cake with the help of a significant website builder and instantly you make an outstanding customized website design. Here are some best options for website builders for authors.

·         WordPress:-

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders in this modernized period. It is one of the easiest ways to generate your own website. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system which means everybody can utilize the WordPress software for free. Fundamentally, a content management system is a basic instrument that makes it simple to control foremost features of your website.

·         Squarespace:-

It is also a famous website builder which is used by most of the creators to build fantastic sites. It suggests smartly personalized designs that are earlier advanced by mobile navigation. You can briskly create a well arranged website design with the help of squarespace.

·         Wix:-

Wix is an online portal that recommends the rows of tools for generating professional websites in a rapid and simple way. If you want to create an attractive website for authors, you should go with wix because it is one of the top website builders in the world.

You will have to consume some time to find out the best website builder that provides finest Website design services and which website builder meets your requirements and budget.

3.  Appoint an author website designer:-

The possibilities of creating website design from scrabble can be devastating, but the good thing is that you don’t have to go through it. The website builders which are mentioned above come up with a great deal of free templates and patterns for you to pick out from it. While choosing the best template for your website design, you should simply scan the various styles and select the one that characterizes your work as an author in a great way, and then put your images and icons in the templates to create author website design. But there is a complication.

If you create a website by utilizing ready-made templates then there is a probability that you will face risk in the future for creating a website that looks too identical with other brands, which could become dangerous for your brand. To cope with this problem, you have to hire a professional website creator. It will give you a guarantee of professional results but It is a little expensive for you.  For creating website design, you must hire a professional author website designer because website design and development needs skills and professionalism.

Wrap up:-

Bear in mind that a website is your dwelling place on the internet and will leave a long and lasting impression on the people who search your brand on Google. So, your website design needs an accessory attention and struggle to design it as appealing and professional as possible. Expectantly, this article will guide you in the positive direction.



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