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What to Expect in a Three-star Hotel in Bakersfield?

The attention given by hotels to their guests before, during, and after their stay is known as hotel customer service. Hospitality is an essential component of a hotel’s customer service strategy because hotels largely rely on repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising. It’s challenging to get it perfect, but success will bring back customers again and time again.

We’ve compiled the top guest expectations in a three-star hotel from the best hotel in Bakersfield. Here is the list of what guests expect from a three-star hotel so that they can enjoy it to the fullest.

Contactless experiences

Contact between guests and staff is minimized throughout a contactless experience, allowing everyone to maintain a safe distance from one another while yet saving time. Additionally, contactless automation has proven crucial for maintaining seamless operations in hotels during the present manpower deficit in the hospitality industry.

Flexible check-ins

Although most of the information needed for a hotel’s online check-in is provided when customers make their reservations online, it’s nevertheless normal to witness huge lines cluttering up a reception area during the beginning of a busy travel season.

However, you may reduce those queues and better meet your visitors’ expectations of choice and control by adopting hotel check-in automation to offer flexible self-check-in as part of their hotel guest trip.

Keyless locks

In the past, many best hotels in Bakersfield at affordable prices were the only ones to offer keyless entry to hotel rooms. However, it has developed into a practice that is open to hotels of all sizes, whether they are branded or independent.

Our research reveals that a whopping 96.4% of hospitality professionals say their guests either “expect” or “appreciate” keyless technology. This technology is extremely well-liked by guests who adore the quickness, safety, and flexibility of keyless locks.

Keyless locks save hotel operational costs by enabling hoteliers to cut back on or do away with front desk hours in addition to facilitating quick and easy check-in. Additionally, employees who handle check-ins may transition into positions that improve the passenger experience.

Each guest receives a different access code to enter the room, which is more secure than physical keys and impossible to lose. Additionally, activity logs provide you with a history of who has accessed each unit, allowing you to maintain tabs on employee and visitor movements.

In-app messaging

Guests can communicate with one another from any location thanks to guest messaging software. You may provide guests with a digital front desk experience with a branded web app, promptly responding to inquiries about hotel facilities and upselling extras like room service or exclusive deals from regional partners.

Additionally, you have the option of having an outside company handle visitor communications. You’ll relieve pressure on the front-desk workers, boost response times right away, and help customers link your brand with the simplified and effective messaging service you offer.

Digital guidebooks

Digital guidebooks are a fantastic method to pique visitors’ interest in their trip before they even arrive. This is what the best hotel in Bakersfield at affordable price can do to attract their guests.

A digital guidebook gives you the opportunity to share useful information like:

  • Open and close hotel timings.
  • The hotel features embedded tutorial films for in-room gadgets like the TV or coffee maker.
  • WiFi details during online reservations for hotel tours.
  • Links to details on nearby attractions.
  • A list of safety tips and emergency phone numbers.

Your team will no longer have to spend hours answering the same queries regarding check-out times and WiFi passwords. Your brand will be strengthened and you’ll have the opportunity to upsell more hotel services and activities with an engaging and interactive digital handbook.

Personalized service

What the best hotel in Bakersfield can do is provide customized treatment to visitors, you demonstrate to them that you are attending to their needs and keeping up with the most recent trends in boutique hotels. A hotel stay can occasionally feel like it lacks the charm of a small guest house experience.

The data you gather about your visitors during booking and check-in might provide you with priceless knowledge on the kinds of activities they might enjoy while visiting. Additionally, you may use this data to notify customers about perks and upsells that significantly improve their experience.

In-room smart tech

With the most recent technology available in rooms, you may automate energy control so that, based on your most recent PMS booking information, the temperature is perfect when the guest arrives and adjusted to an energy-saving temperature when they check out. In parallel, noise monitoring sensors warn you when there is too much noise based on the decibel levels you have selected.

Pristine rooms

“Certified clean” is at another level in recent years. Although many hotels and travel agencies have their own standards, the following are typically included:

  • A guide to cleaning techniques
  • Adding disinfection agents to regular cleaning supplies
  • Ensuring that no employees have symptoms of COVID
  • Masks must be worn by the cleaning person.
  • Limiting interactions between cleaning personnel and visitors
  • Ventilating a room by opening windows and doors
  • Washing towels and clean bedding.

According to a survey from 2021, 57% of tourists would pay more for a hotel that was certified clean as a result of the new guidelines’ popularity with visitors. Additionally, failing to uphold the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene set by visitors may result in demands for a different room or even a hotel.

For hotel owners with limited employees, managing guests’ increased demands for sanitation and cleanliness can be difficult. However, hotel management software offers a solution with technology that allows for the coordination of personnel while also monitoring guests and workers on a single dashboard using scheduling algorithms.

HIgh-speed WiFi service

Some of your visitors will probably be digital nomads or at the very least desire to work part-time while they are there. Visitors enjoy bringing their laptops and tablets even when they are not working so they can watch their favorite shows on them. Giving visitors the best WiFi available is so essential.

If you can, provide fast WiFi service to take care of one of the most frequent sources of annoyance for hotel guests.

In the nutshell

Making a guest’s day and surprising them with something special doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Although good, service that matches customer expectations isn’t particularly memorable. Pay close attention to each hotel visitor and go above and above in terms of customer service to leave a lasting impression. After that, you’ll be able to develop relationships with your visitors and encourage repeat business


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