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What are the Variations of a Brand Logo That Need To Be Know?

The logo is a simplified and an ideal indication of what a business stands for. It is a preliminary association that customers set up with business. It is the sign of identification that your audience utilizes to identify your business. It is an elementary base because it helps to catch the attention of the people smoothly. A creative logo design helps to convey a perfect message you want to deliver about your business.

Introduction to logo variations:-

A logo variation is defined as your primary logo reorganized into another arrangement. The central thought is that your variation is still distinguishable and fit within your business, but provides you various chances to utilize all of your content and marketing information. Suppose, you have an outstanding logo design of your business, that perfectly reflects the objective of your business. Eventually, you may want to launch your business into other mediums of marketing, such as business cards or different platforms of social media. That logo design of your business will not definitely be a best fit for some of these platforms. 

So, that is the reason variations of a brand logo come in. If you think that you only need one logo for your brand representation then it is your biggest misunderstanding. Sooner or later, you will come to understand that you require miscellaneous arrangements and formats to carry on with different platforms for the ambition of advertising or marketing. It is good for you if you have multiple versions of your logo design because you will use it on different channels or social media platforms. 

For example, the logo design of your company sits perfectly on the company’s website but you cannot use this logo on other social media networks due to less space available and due to compact space, it will not be properly readable by your target audience. And in case it is readable then it will not have as good an appearance as on the website. All logo variations are designed in such a manner that it perfectly suits on numerous channels. Variations of a brand logo serves as versatility to your brand. Brand versatility is also an important tool for the success of your company. Show more..

We discussed in this article about 4 types of logo variations and how to use each of them. 

1.  Primary logo:-

A primary logo is a main logo of your company and that you generally utilize the most as the representation of your company. It is the origin from which other logo variations come to exist. This is the most complex and detailed logo because it contains all the necessary information about your company like the name of your brand, taglines and sometimes even information about location because a primary logo is a self-evident and comprehensible image of your company. 

Primary logos are usually horizontal but sometimes it can fluctuate depending on the theme of the business. If you want to use different colors while designing the primary logo, your first priority must be white or black color, because these colors give a decent and aesthetic look to the logo design. You have to leave a lot of space in your primary logo for the complicated elements. The primary logo design should be memorable, easily recognizable and versatile. Primary logos are mainly used in website headers; postcards of your company or about us pages etc.


2.  Secondary logo:-

Secondary logo is defined as the simplified variation of your primary logo.  For instance, if your primary logo is horizontal, then your secondary logo must be a stacked version. The secondary logo of your company must be the mirror image of your primary logo with the same fonts, same color but different way of representation. You can use your secondary logo design in such places where the primary logo does not fit. The secondary logo design is perfect for using in social media profile pictures, on social media graphics and some other spots where you need to utilize additional dense versions of your logo.

3.  Submark:-

Once you have constructed your primary and secondary logo, then it’s time to create a submark. The submark consistently does not contain the text or the full name of the company, alternately, the submark logo consists of a graphical shape, symbols or icons that speak for your company. The submark logo is created when the logo design is supposed to be altered to extraordinarily small formats or to help convey the message of your brand in the best possible manner. 

You should design such a submark which helps your target audience to recognize your brand at a rate of knots. There are commonly two types of submark, first is a circle comprising text or symbol and second is completely a symbol. It is also used as a watermark and stickers. Generate wisely the submark for your company because it is generally used on different social media platforms, in workbooks or webinar slides etc.

4.  Favicon:-

A favicon referred to as a mini icon that assists as branding of your website. Its key objective is to help your target audience detect your page simply when they have various tabs open. It is frequently disposed of on tabs at the tip of the web browser. It can also help your target audience to identify your website easily. 

A favicon consists of a small image  or one to three characters of text. Favicons are also beneficial tools for enhancing your ranking on search engines. While designing an interesting favicon for your company, you must keep your design simple and use good combinations of colors. Do not make it so complicated or detailed because it may divert the attention of the audience.


Your logo is the visual representation of your company as a whole. You should design such a type of logo that not only should be admirable, graceful and unforgettable but it should be capable of transforming to different formats.  With the help of possible variations of a brand logo, you can make a logo design which helps you to make your business famous all around the world. 


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