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What Is Instagram IGTV And Why Should You Care About It More?

You recognize YouTube, you’ve seen Snapchats, and however, what is Instagram IGTV?

It’s turning into harder and harder to disregard the ever-developing demand for motion pictures within the digital technology.

“If a picture is well worth a thousand phrases, then a video is really worth 1.8 million words” –Forrester Research ‘How Video Will Take over the World.’

This video trend isn’t lost on Instagram who’s constantly adding new features and adjusting their set of rules to improve the person revel in.

Despite the addition of IG Stories and LIVE, at its center, Instagram has continually often been a platform to percentage images together with your fans.

Until now!

With the creation in their stand-alone app, IGTV, Instagram hopes to fully contain video into their evolving visual platform.

So right here it is – you the whole lot you need to, need to, and need to know about IGTV to make the most of it!

What is IGTV?

When Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s now-former CEO, released the IGTV app in June 2018, the time period “What is IGTV” became searched approximately forty,500 instances international.

It’s secure to say the new app caught the attention of it customers and left everyone trying to recognize how it works.

So, let’s ruin it down!

IGTV is Instagram TV; an app from Instagram exclusively for portrait or vertical mobile videos.

The app is a stand-by myself app. However, you could get right of entry to it from the Instagram app as nicely.

“There is a multitude of ways to take already created content and flip it into IGTV. And with the notification at the pinnacle of your Instagram alongside restricted competition, it’s a strong location to begin checking out content and locating new visitors.“ – Kate Talbot, Forbes

Unlike Instagram video posts that last simply one minute, IGTV movies may be as much as an hour lengthy.

So, How Is IGTV Different From Other IG Video Features?

More these days, Instagram has released features for sharing your movies – Live and Stories

With Instagram LIVE you may hook up with your followers with the aid of broadcasting a video in actual time. The disadvantage, however, is that those videos are raw and unedited.

On the other hand, Instagram Stories are amazing for sharing edited, greater polished movies. But, just like IG video posts, they come with a period limit of 60 seconds.

IGTV solves each of those problems.

With IGTV, customers can create, save, and edit longer films to be shared later.

Also, unlike Stories and Live videos, that are inaccessible with the aid of your fans after 24-hours, videos shared on IGTV remain for as long you wish.

“As entrepreneurs or even commercial enterprise owners, it’s so vital to put in force a video-first approach during your advertising and marketing efforts. IGTV is a top notch way to be innovative and nevertheless use the motion pictures you are generating for Facebook.

Try to consider IGTV more as YouTube in preference to an Instagram Story.” – Ashley Godfrey, ROI Online

Well, How Is It Different From YouTube Then?

Though each IGTV and YouTube are video-sharing applications, they range from every different in 4 elements.

1. The Video Duration:

YouTube does now not have time regulations for their films. As referred to, the maximum time duration for IGTV motion pictures is one hour lengthy.

2. The Content:

As of now, IGTV has content material that it’s far in particular created via customers. Being the more senior platform, YouTube has accelerated to movies, documentaries, and TV shows, in addition to user-generated films.

3. The Video Orientation:

YouTube films are formatted for the extra traditional, horizontal orientation. IGTV is solely for vertical motion pictures, as a result making the app extra best for cellular smartphone viewers.

4. The Audience:

Everyone has their own desired social media platform for content consumption, sharing, and interacting with others. So, the target audience will be one-of-a-kind for each the apps.

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Will IGTV Kill YouTube?

As of now, the question that is on all of use’s thoughts is whether or not IGTV will update YouTube as the Number #1 video sharing platform.

While this debate can be too early to start, IGTV does appear to have the ability.

In fact, many YouTubers have already proven a hobby in curating their content material for IGTV.

“Influencers and creators are starting to flock toward IGTV now that it has exceeded the ones first months of test. I nevertheless consider that YouTube will be king for at least 2 years greater if as compared to IGTV however if Instagram unearths a way to innovate then it is able to be the following huge component!” – Orlando González, MarkGrowth Blog

What appears to be in IGTV’s desire is the fact that the most popular YouTube motion pictures final approximately 15 to 30 minutes. This manner that YouTubers can now percentage their content material directly at the IGTV app as well.

The handiest impediment they’ll face is that these movies might have to be in portrait orientation and not the conventional landscape as visible on YouTube.

TIP: If you need to post your Youtube content on IGTV, however do not have the time or resources to shoot a video two times, use this loophole like @jasminestar. Give your horizontal videos borders on the top and backside to healthy the dimensions of IGTV.

While it’s miles hard to predict the future, one thing is for positive.

As IGTV provides greater functions, extra users will genuinely align with the app. It ought to imply a few repercussions for YouTube.

At the moment, YouTube has an upper-hand with the range and sheer extent of content it has. IGTV still has a protracted way to go in that recognize.

However, we recognise Instagram has the potential to overthrow preexisting social platforms as we noticed inside the conflict of IG Stories vs. Snapchat.

In phrases of  IGTV vs. YouTube, it will ultimately all boil down to audience choice, ease of get right of entry to, and most importantly the excellent of content.

Many of the social media marketers we spoke to together with Jennifer Wilson of L.A. Social Karma see the capacity in what IGTV has to provide however also acknowledge it has a long way to visit capture up to YouTube.


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