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When is the Right Time to Buy a New Car in Dubai

If you are planning to buy new cars for sale in Dubai, now could be a very economical time to do so. Whether you’re looking for a new car price in Dubai, industry experts say the market is oversupplied and some great deals can be found.

Buying a car is usually a complicated decision as there are many factors to consider, ranging from the architecture to the purchase amount. Besides all these factors, “right time” is another important factor to consider when buying new cars for sale in Dubai. There will be the best time to buy anything and so is buying a car where the prices of cars are reduced in the form of offers and deals.



You can buy the car at the end of the year as the car dealers discard the old cars to launch new cars. For this reason they offer you quality discounts in the last months of the year. So now is the right time for you to buy a car, even if it is an old model, because it comes with a discount and many other additional benefits that the manufacturer provides for it.

Whether it is a new car or a used car, you can always go for the above options and proceed as they will get you many new car price in Dubai.


National holidays are the best time to buy a car as dealerships offer great car deals on holidays. Holiday offers can also include package deals such as warranty services,maintenance for a certain period of time. Most of the car dealers offer deals on public holidays like New Years Eve etc. You can also avail car deals by getting car loans to buy new cars for sale in Dubai.


The hot, sunny season is the best time to grab your brand new car as most expatriates travel during this time of year. For example, car dealers or manufacturers offer lower interest rates, low prices and insurance offers because the demand for the cars is lower this season. Also during the summer season when you want to buy a used car, car sellers go to auctions that offer you the opportunity to negotiate your desired model of car.


Ramadan is the month of giving and usually when the automotive industry kicks off some of their best and must-have promotions. So it’s a great time to find out about new car deals. As the official dealer for new and used Toyota cars in the United Arab Emirates, Al-Futtaim Toyota has some great Ramadan car deals. If you think it’s time to swap the old for the new, read on to find out why now might be the best time to get the wheels in motion.


During Ramadan, Al-Futtaim Toyota offers its customers exclusive offers with an even greater value than ever before. If you are looking to buy a new cars for sale in Dubai then they have everything to suit your needs and budget.

They have some excellent Toyota Prado deals for those looking to join the Toyota family. An exceptional land cruiser, the Prado offers superior performance, extra space and a robust suspension system designed to handle even the most demanding terrain. With low equal monthly installments for personal contract purchases made over two years, you can spread the cost of our new engine, making it that much more affordable.

They also offer a wallet-friendly “buy now, pay later” program, deferring the first three to four months depending on your needs and circumstances. With extremely affordable lease rates as part of the package, you’ll find your favorite car, whether it’s a 2022 Land Cruiser or a Toyota Corolla, just becomes so much more affordable.

Also check out the Toyota FJ Cruiser. This high-performing SUV was built to conquer just about any terrain with a mighty 4-litre V6 engine and a rugged build that can handle dunes, mountains and city streets alike with equal ease.


At Al-Futtaim Toyota, however, they like to go a little further. While they offer some excellent Ramadan new car price in Dubai deals, they’re happy to throw in some extra goodies. If you’re looking for things like free window tints, license plates or SMCs, they can ensure you leave one of our centers completely satisfied.


The last day of December (New Year’s Eve) is a perfect day to buy a new car. You could get a discount of just over 10 percent off the MSRP (maximum selling price). Another common trend among potential car buyers is to make their purchases in the month of December. This is the time when automakers prepare to launch new models for the following year. Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed an average customer savings of 10% off the RRP.

As the year progresses, savings tend to increase – this is typically the case for merchants trying to meet quarterly and annual sales targets. Also, to make more room for the newer models at the dealerships, the current/upcoming model year cars are getting significant discounts. This usually leads to additional manufacturer incentives – and that’s why Christmas sales events are such a big deal. The automotive details and pricing platform contains this general rule: The best time to buy a new cars for sale in Dubai is the end of the year, followed by the end of the quarter and the end of the month, in that order.


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