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Factors You Must Know When Buying Oppo  Mobile Phones Under 20000

Oppo has become a very popular brand in the category of mobile phones. The most important feature of these mobile phones is their camera which is just amazing. People go crazy when smartphones have high-quality cameras. And the designs of these phones are quite stylish. This brand is in lead in the mobile market nowadays. Oppo phones have everything that one normally wants to be present in mobile phones. And Oppo specializes in offering mobile phones under 20000, so it is very easy to get a decent phone in this range. Within this range, one can easily get a phone which will help in clicking pictures that are of high resolution. The display also will be great in this range.

  1. Price:  

Various mobile phones range from low to high. And it is an obvious fact that mobiles which are higher in the range have the best features and are of the best quality. As the price goes higher the quality of the camera and also its performance gets better. However, everyone could not afford every mobile. But with the help of EMI, anyone could easily fulfill their respective dreams of buying their own oppo mobile. If one has decided to buy a mobile phone under 20000 with the help of an EMI  then it is much needed to know about various schemes of EMIs. So that one could have a rough idea of how much it will cost after applying for EMI.

  1. Memory:

Memory is one of the most important aspects of a mobile phone. There are many mobiles of Oppo that have amazing storage capacity. Generally, internal storage refers to as ROM. Also if the phone has good RAM then it will work smoothly. However one must need focus on storage capacity depending on the price of that particular phone. The apps that are already installed on the phone, to be more precise apps that are inbuilt cover almost a lot of space. So, for this reason, it is better to go for those mobiles which have good storage. Oppo mobile phones under 20000 offer 16GB and also 32 GB, 64GB, and even 128GB of storage capacity. One can easily choose the one they want to buy. You can even buy those phones that allow having good memory card facilities.

  1. Display:

Another important feature one needs to know thoroughly before buying a mobile phone under 20000 is its display. If the screen size is big enough then automatically it will attract customers and people will tend to buy those oppo phones more. This even helps in increasing the gaming experience and many more. Generally, a good display size means 5.5 inches.

  1. Quality of Camera:

Apart from every other thing, people always go for the best camera phones. It is the very first thing that comes to mind before or while buying a phone. We often think that those phones which have a camera of very high megapixel capture the best photo. However, it is not always true. Oppo mobiles which have fewer megapixels can easily capture great pictures even in low light.

  1. Battery life:

For those who tend to use many apps all at once or those who are gamers or video creators, they should go for those mobiles that have a such battery that could easily last for a longer time. This is because using many apps could drain the phone’s battery very fast.

  1. Processor:

Another factor is about knowing the processor of the phone. If one is willing to buy a phone for work purposes that needs heavy editing facilities and needs a fast working phone. This in turn means that the processor of the mobile must be good enough to support this. There are processors like Quadcore, Snapdragon, and many more.

  1. Other features:

Other features involve the security features of the phone. People prefer to buy those phones that have good security features such as fingerprint sensors, face unlock,s and many more. A phone has become a very personal possession, therefore it is needed to go for those phones that have good security features.

Most of the Oppo mobile phones under 20000 almost support and provide every feature. It becomes very confusing for the customers to choose from a vast number of choices. There are some best Oppo phones which range up to 20000.

The Oppo A 53s is one of the most amazing and tops among Oppo phones. The screen size of this phone is 6.5 inches. It has a super storage capacity and also has decent battery life. And also the camera quality is great.

Oppo K10 is surely a great phone when it comes to range up to 20000. It has super storage and battery life. Its processor is also decent according to its price. The other Oppo mobiles which range up to 20000 are Oppo F17 Pro, Oppo F19 pro+, Oppo F15, and many more.

Therefore, it is quite necessary to go through the specifications especially those features that the person wants to have in his/ her phone.


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