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How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower for You – Mower or Trimmer?

When it comes to caring for your lawn, there are many decisions to make. One of the most important is deciding between a mower and trimmer. Knowing the differences between the two is essential for making the best choice for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to choose the right mower or trimmer for you so you can keep your lawn looking its best.

Different types of lawn mowers

When it comes to lawn care, there are many different types of mowers that can be used to achieve a well-manicured lawn. Mowers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and power levels, so it’s important to take some time to find the best one for your particular needs.

The most common types of lawn mowers are:

Push Mowers: Push mowers are the most basic type of mower, and are typically powered by a small engine or electricity. Push mowers are great for smaller yards or lawns that don’t require much maintenance.

Riding Mowers: Riding mowers, also known as “tractors”, are larger machines that can easily cover larger areas of land in a shorter amount of time. They are powered by gasoline or diesel engines, and some models even come with attachments such as a snow plow or cultivator.

Zero-Turn Mowers: Zero-turn mowers are similar to riding mowers, but they have a special wheel system which allows them to turn on their own axis. This makes them ideal for larger properties or tight spaces where maneuverability is important.

Reel Mowers: Reel mowers are the most traditional type of mower, and are generally powered manually. The blades rotate around a cylinder, creating a scissor-like effect that cuts grass as it passes through. Reel mowers are perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly option, as they don’t require any fuel or electricity.

Robotic Mowers: Robotic mowers are the newest type of lawn mower on the market. They are powered by electricity and use sensors to detect obstacles and navigate around your yard. Anderson Lawn Equipment offers a wide range of robotic mowers that can be programmed to maintain your lawn at all times.

String Trimmers: String trimmers are hand-held machines that use a rotating spool of plastic line to cut grass and weeds. They are perfect for trimming hard-to-reach places or edges around trees and flower beds.

No matter what type of lawn mower you choose, it’s important to do some research before making a purchase. Anderson Lawn Equipment offers an extensive selection of quality mowers and trimmers that can help you get the job done quickly and easily.

The benefits of each type

Mower: When it comes to mowers, the biggest benefit is that they provide an even cut across your lawn and make it easier to achieve a well-manicured look. Mowers also tend to be larger than trimmers, meaning you can cover more ground quickly and efficiently. Anderson Lawn Equipment offers a wide range of mower options from walk-behind mowers to riding mowers for larger yards.

Trimmer: Trimmers are great for tackling smaller areas such as edges, corners and tight spaces. They’re more compact and easier to maneuver than mowers, which makes them perfect for trimming overgrown grass and weeds. Anderson Lawn Equipment offers a selection of trimmers, ranging from manual string trimmers to powerful gas-powered models.

No matter which type of lawn equipment you choose, Anderson Lawn Equipment has something for everyone. From smaller trimmers to larger mowers, they have the right solution for your lawn care needs. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more powerful, Anderson Lawn Equipment has the right product for you.


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