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Marchoi Winter Trek – One of the Best Winter Treks in Maharashtra

The Marchoi Winter Trek is one of the best winter treks in Maharashtra that offers a thrilling adventure. The trekking trail is a gradual incline with a couple of steep sections. That give you a glimpse of the fort and its surroundings. This 5 km long trek takes you through thick forests, lush green meadows and rocky terrain giving you an opportunity to witness a pristine wilderness at its best!




The Marchoi Winter Trek is a four-day trek that takes you through forests and high passes in the Malakand region. It’s rated as an easy trek, but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to reach—the road from Skardu to Shangla is treacherous and requires lots of time traveling on unpaved roads.


The Marchoi Winter Trek begins where the famous Khunjerab Pass meets with Chilas District, which lies between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The total distance covered by this route is about 25 kilometres (15 miles). This can be done in two days if you’re fit enough for it!




Day 1: Arrive at the base camp and start acclimatising with a rest day.


Day 2: Start walking on day two and reach Gorakshep (2300m). After lunch, continue to Pumori (3976m), which takes 6 to 7 hours of hiking. You can also choose to visit Chhukung Monastery if you wish to do so during this day or even overnight at Pumori if desired.


Day 3: Reach Nanda Devi Base Camp by sunrise; take breakfast here before beginning your climb towards Nanda Devi at around 10 am after a short stop on top of Rishi nagar which gives amazing views over Manas National Park and surrounding areas including Mt Everest! Take dinner after reaching camp along with another early night before heading back down again next morning for an early morning departure from Gorak Shep then onward into Manali via pilgrim route through Kullu Valley etc..


Route Map


The Marchoi Winter Trek is a great option for those who want to explore the beautiful forests of Kalsubai Peak. The route starts from the base village of Malgaon and passes through thick forests, lush green meadows, and rocky terrain before ending at Kalsubai Peak.


You can choose to follow this route alone or with your friends or family members who may decide not to go along with you on this adventure experience!


Trekking Stats


The trekking route ends at the village of Winter. Which is located at a height of 1,500 m and offers a panoramic view over the entire region.


The total distance covered on this trek is 5 km (3 miles) with an altitude gain of 300 m. This means that you will be walking in an area where there are high mountains all around you so. It’s important to keep your wits about you!


The total number of campsites along your route is 3: one at each end and one halfway through your journey. The other two sites have been closed due to lack of use – but don’t worry! You’ll find them again when we come back through later on in our journey!


Difficulty Level:


This trek is a moderate level of difficulty, with a distance of 5km and a time taken of 2 days. It has an altitude range of 2,000m-2,300m (6,560ft-7,500ft) and can be completed in two days. If you are fit and well-prepared for your trip. The winter season means that there will be snow on the ground at higher altitudes but if you have been practising using ice axes or crampons before starting this trek then it shouldn’t be too much trouble.


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