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Netgear AC1750 Router Stopped Working After Power Outage?

OMG! What is this? You just performed Netgear AC1750 router setup and were about to enjoy seamless internet connectivity on it but Alas! Power outage has ruined your internet experience. And, after a sudden power outage, your Netgear router has stopped working? Don’t worry! You have come to the right page. Here, we are going to make you familiar with the best solutions to get rid of “Netgear AC1750 router stopped working after power outage” issue. Continue reading!

Although the fixes provided here can be applied to any Netgear router model, still we are going to take Netgear AC1750 router as an example over here. Mentioning the router’s model number will make it easier for you to understand the fixes and apply them correctly.

Look, power outages are unpredictable and really annoying, especially when we are doing some important work online. And, due to this error, millions of users experience lot of issues. However, when there is no power, obviously your internet connection will stop working as well because everything operates on power, right?

If there are lots of power outage problems in your area, then that’s going to provide you unstable internet connection and also let your Netgear router stop working. On the off chance if this is the case with you, without thinking much, walk through this post and the solution provided here to get the issue fixed.

Let’s dive in!

Best Solution: Reset Netgear Router

Yes, resetting is one of the best solutions to fix “Netgear AC1750 router stopped working after power outage” issue. Resetting Netgear router will make your device brand new. Nonetheless, you have to perform Netgear AC1750 router setup process again to start using the internet. As, the Netgear router reset process will delete all the customize settings, so you have to take the back up of them.

How to Reset Netgear Router?

In order to fix “Netgear AC1750 router stopped working after power outage” issue, here are the instructions to be followed to reset the device back to factory default settings. Follow them in exact given order to complete the reset process correctly:

Step 1: Confirm whether your Netgear AC1750 router is powered on and disconnected from the modem and other devices like PC, laptop, gaming consoles, HDTV, smart phone, etc.

Step 2: Now, find the reset hole on your Netgear router.

Step 3: Press the router’s reset hole.

Step 4: Let the device to reboot properly.

So, these were the instructions to reset your Netgear router. Now, it’s time to perform Netgear AC1750 router setup process again to get rid of “Netgear AC1750 router stopped working after power outage” issue.

Netgear AC1750 Router Setup

5 Ways to Configure a Netgear Router - wikiHow

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Follow the guidelines provided below and know how to preform Netgear AC1750 router setup process after resetting it:

Step1: Plug in the power adapter of your Netgear router to a working wall socket and wait till its power LED starts flashing green.

Step2: Now, grab an Ethernet cable. Insert one end of the cable to the router and another end to the modem.

Step3: Take any smart device like computer or laptop and launch your favorite web browser in it.

Step4: Head over to the browser’s URL bar and type in it. On the off chance if you get not working issue, use the Netgear router default IP i.e.

Step5: Press Enter and Netgear router login window will come into view.

Step6: On the router’s login window, enter Netgear router login username and password, and click on the Log In button.

Step7: You will reach the dashboard of your Netgear router.

Step8: Follow the Netgear router setup instructions. Within blink of an eye, your Netgear router will be configured.

That’s it! Your Netgear router is successfully configured. We hope that after configuring your device in a correct manner, the “Netgear AC1750 router stopped working after power outage” issue is resolved. If not, then updating the router’s firmware will surely help you. Just visit the router’s firmware update page using Netgear router default IP. Once you have entered the router’s firmware update page, follow the instructions and apply the changes. Your Netgear device will reboot automatically after the successful completion of the process.

In a Nutshell

The fixes provided in this particular post have helped thousands of Netgear router users to fix “Netgear AC1750 router stopped working after power outage” issue. We hope that you be one of them!


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