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The Hotel And Resort Chain Is Developing A Fleet Of Luxury Vessels


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Four Seasons is a well-known brand in the hospitality industry. With more than 100 properties across 47 countries, it now sets its eyes on more than just hotels and resorts.

There are plans already underway to build a fleet of luxury vessels that will operate under the banner of Four Seasons Yachts. The official unveiling should be sometime in 2025.

With years of experience under their belt, the service on board these ships are likely to be phenomenal. Among its partners in this exciting endeavor include Philip Levine, Nadim Ashi, Larry Pimentel, Fincantieri, and others who deal in the same business. Soon, you’ll be able to book a cruise aboard these fine floating establishments.

Travel in style and enjoy upscale amenities, entertainment, dining, and more.

“Four Seasons Yachts represents the next chapter of our long history of industry-leading innovation, and a milestone moment for our company as we continue to capitalize on new opportunities to extend the world of Four Seasons,” says Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts president Christian Clerc.

Images courtesy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Details surrounding the first ship reveal about 95 suites, a spa, a salon, several bars/restaurants, a gym, a huge pool, and an outdoor movie theater. To ensure guests’ needs are attended to, there will be enough staff to assist them with personalized services.

Other attractions on the Four Seasons Yachts include a transverse marina – supposedly an industry first.

According to the operators, each Four Seasons Yachts accommodation will boast 50% more living space than what competitors offer. The suites will feature access to spacious private terrace decks and full-height windows.

Meanwhile, their most opulent room is a four-level volume that spans more than 9,600 square feet. It includes a private spa and wading pool.


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