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A Rustic Countryside Cabin For Serene Retreats


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The ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine is heartbreaking and unfortunate for the innocent people that are caught up in all this and we hope the conflict ends soon. If not for the current state of affairs, there are awesome architectural attractions to visit like the Enjoy in Silence Chalet by Loft Buro.

Located in the countryside of Kyiv, this meditation cabin encourages relaxation in the middle of nature.

The design studio positions it perfectly with a lush sea of trees and vegetation surrounding its perimeter. There are also vistas visible via the sliding windows that wrap around three fa├žades of the retreat.

So as not to stand out too much against the green landscape, Loft Buro chooses the materials for the build appropriately. The Enjoy in Silence Chalet shows a construction that uses a steel frame with an exterior clad in timber. It may appear to be cantilevered on one side, but there are huge boulders that support the section with glazing.

This gives us an illusion that the Enjoy in Silence Chalet is floating amidst the verdant landscape. The rustic motif continues within as we see a ceiling lined with bamboo and handmade terracotta tiles on the floor. The wall panels, benches, and furniture are a mix of new and upcycled wood.

From the entrance, the open floor plan features a metal screen with intricate patterns to separate the dining area. Ornamental lighting fixtures add another attractive visual element to its interior design.

Meanwhile, the elongated sofa ensures guests get a full view of the outside and the open fireplace. The Enjoy in Silence Chalet is an ideal serene destination for the weary traveler.


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